Haslum HK won the norwegian league

Haslum HK won the norwegian league

Wednesday evening the 21st and second last round was played in the Norwegian mens league, Postenligaen, and Haslum HK could secure their first gold medals ever.

The national teamplayers, Erlend Mamelund and Einar Sand Koren, returned back to Norway before this season and there was high expectations to the team this season with these two class players on the team.

In the match against ØIF Arendal the two players contributed with their skills and supported by their young talented teammates they finally managed to get a three goal victory and secure the gold medals.

Norways national head coach, Robert Hedin, was enjoying the match and liked what he was seeing.

– Good match! Both teams wanted to win and gave all in the fights, was the comment about the match from Robert Hedin.

Hedin could only congratulate Haslum with their gold that he think was well earned.

– It’s well earned, they’ve played good all season.

TimeOut Magazine asked if he could pinpoint why exactly Haslum took the gold medals this season.

– It’s because of Erlend (Mamelund) and Einar (Sand Koren) and the skills they bring to the team. And, also it’s a lot of talented young players in the team. They do a good job in Haslum.

It’s clear that the headcoach of Norway is impressed by the players of Haslum. Five players are picked out to join the next gathering and matches against Germany.

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