EBHC 2011

Croatia´s women win the grand final !

Croatia´s women win the grand final !

In an exciting thriller Croatia beat Denmark in shoot-out and win the European Championships.

It was the return match from the Main Round, where Denmark beat Croatia with 2-1 after shoot-out. The Scandinavians were hoping for a similar or better result, whilst Croatia swore a revenge in the final.

The two teams started on eye level with Croatia scoring and Denmark equalizing. After five minutes Croatia have started their top gear and with an improved performance the Croats established a lead with a higher margin, so the Scandinavians went for a time out. However it doesn´t help much, as the Croats continued with much self confidence and celebrated set victory.

In the second period Denmark caught the better start, but the Croats fought hard back and it was an open game again with great excitement on both sides. Quick attacks, nice combinations, beautiful assists and marvelous goals were showcased from each team.

Three minutes before the end Denmark were in lead by two points and so an open final was ongoing in the dying minutes. Croatia showed nerves, whilst Denmark kept calm and used their chances with patience and won the second period by two points.

Like in the bronze match a shoot-out decided about the winner, and here it were the Danes who showed nerves and missed several times, whilst Croatia remained cool and won the gold medal !

Mateja Brezic, coach of Croatia: “Of course, I´m pleased about the victory. In the Main Round match against Denmark we had no luck and were not concentrated enough. Here we played a strong first period, but unless the men we were a bit unfocused in the second period. The success in a shoot-out is always a question of luck and experience, we made it, so we are very happy now.

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EBHC 2011

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