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Nora Mørk believes in victory against Viborg

Nora Mørk believes in victory against Viborg
Nora Mørk

Nora Mørk belives Larvik HK will win against Viborg

A new weekend with another round in Champions League is coming up. The reigning champions, Larvik HK, are going to host the match against Viborg. So far the only team that have taken points from the norwegians.

Viborg missing Gulldén, and Larvik missing Tine Stange and Nora Mørk. We’ve had a talk with Nora Mørk and got her point of views for the upcoming nordic clash at Saturday.

How do you see Larvik HK’s start of this seasons Champions League?

– We’re number one in the group as we speak, but we had a troubled start. We’ve got back on track again after the troubled start.

How do you see your chances to win Champions League this season?

– Last season we played with a lot of pressure, because everyone expected us to take the trophy. This season people can’t expect us to take the trophy. It’s not like a “walk in the park” to go all the way. I do believe that we can go all the way and take the trophy, but this season we’re more like a challenger. Our first goal is to get to the main round and things seems very good right now.

You’re out of play, and so are several of your team. What are the situation in Larvik right now?

– We’re vulnerable for injuries and have had some of them this autumn. I’ve just had my second surgery for Jumpers Knee and things are going the right way, but I’ll not be able to play matches before christmas.

The upcoming round in Champions League Viborg are coming to Larvik. How do you see your chances in this match?

– I think they misses Anna Gulldén, in my opinion one of the best playmakers in the world, but they got great players as Rikke Skov and Grit Jurack too, so it’s going to be a tought match. We’ve had some problems with Viborg, but at the same moment we’ve some great statistics in Arena Larvik. I hope the girls are ready for a revenge after the first loss, and I think we’ll win the weekends match.

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