World Championship 2011 Brasil

Easy match for Russia against Australia

Easy match for Russia against Australia

As everybody expected it was a piece of cake for Russia to beat Australia on Tuesday afternoon in Barueri.

The only interesting things occurred in the first minutes of the match because Russia started the game in a surprisingly bad way. The irritated coach Evgeny Trefilov called time-out just after 216 seconds as his team was leading only 1:0, having missed a lot of good opportunities to score.

Actually Australia with a bit more experience and self confidence could have surprised Maria Sidorova at least three times within the initial five minutes of the game.
But the first efficient Australian action took place when the World Champions were leading already 6:0. In the following period of the game even if Trefilov’s players were increasing goal difference many times committed easy mistakes and twice were stopped by the keeper Cathy Kent playing for French team Mios Biganos.

The Russian coach who called time-out for the second time in 26’ could not be glad. He ordered a very high, individual defence which gave immediately positive result.

The second half had no story and was mostly a one way traffic towards Australian goal.

Both coaches were using many bench players but only in case of Russia there was no difference in the qualify of performance. The Aussies haven’t scored a goal between 18th and 50th minute that is the best summary of the one side match.

However the scorer for 37:5 Clare Murray seemed to be the happiest person in Barueri when she found a way to Anna Sedoykina’s net.

In the last period of the competition Australia managed to achieve the same goal number as before the break and taking into consideration the level of the Russian opponents can not be dissapointed.

Russia – Australia 45:8 (21:4)

Russia: Sidorova, Sedoykina – Bliznova 7, Davydenko 6, Turei 6, Shipilova 5, Kuznetcova 5, Zhilinskayte 5, Postnova 4, Levina 3, Muravyeva 2, Andryushina 1, Khmyrova 1

Australia: Kent, Harborg – Cook 2, Fletcher 1, Hudson-Gofers 1, Murray 1, V. Kelly 1, M.Kelly 1, McAfee 1

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World Championship 2011 Brasil

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