World Championship 2011 Brasil

Germany does miracle against China

Germany does miracle against China

Group A

Germany – China 23:22 (7:12)

Coach Heine Jensen´s team made an unbelievable comeback in the second half and turned the match in 30 minutes and celebrated big time in the Arena Santos.

The Chinese players surprised Germany with their marvelous start and strong defensive work, Anja Althaus and her team-mates were shocked and had no answer to the Asian goals. Katja Schülke, first time between the sticks, had a low saving rate and the European defense did not stand well.

Lots of things have changed in the second half, where Germany had to cope with a five goal difference. Jensen´s team came determined from the cabins and with Clara Woltering as Schülke´s replacement in the German goal a great catch-up phase has started.

Both sides have fought hard for every ball, a thrilling game and exciting moments followed with Germany closing the gap and China getting nervous.

In the dying minutes the strong Germans were able to maintain their lead and thanks to their great comeback Katja Langkeit and company celebrated a superior victory.


Heine Jensen, coach of Germany: We have played an awful first half, where we unfortunately did something I had hoped we should have not. We have clearly underestimated the Chinese team, and I had warned the girls that this was absolutely their last chance to get further on in the tournament. We’re a team that is going to be a top team in 4-5 years, and the match today showed us totally why.

I’m of course happy that we won, and that we managed to turn it around in the second half. The girls showed an enormous moral in the second half and a “killer instinct” that makes it possible to haul this victory ashore.

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