World Championship 2011 Brasil

Close Norwegian victory

Close Norwegian victory

Group A

Norway – Montenegro 28:27 (15:11)

The Scandinavians celebrate a one goal victory and finish as first in their group, whilst Montenegro end up on second place.

It wasn´t supposed to be a tight match, as Norway had a storming start and with a 9 goals straight march quickly established a clear lead to 9:2.

The Montenegrins were shocked and didn´t have any proper answer, their defense had several holes and Norway used their chances ice cold.

The east-Europeans have started a great catch-up phase and came as close as four goals after 30 minutes.

Seven minutes before the end it was still four goals lead for the Scandinavians, but then Montenegro gave all-out and with Marija Jovanovic´s goals the difference melted to two goals.

The dying minutes gave a tight finish, as Montenegro scored twice after a Norwegian goal, but there was no more time to level the match, so Norway won and finished as first in the group.

They´ll meet Holland in the 1/8finals, whilst Montenegro will face Spain, perhaps Iceland beats China in the today´s closer.

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World Championship 2011 Brasil

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