World Championship 2011 Brasil

Brazil in the quarterfinals after an easy game

Brazil in the quarterfinals after an easy game

Eight finals, Sao Paulo

Brazil – Ivory Coast 36:22 (15:8)

Absolutely no problems for Brazil to advance to the quarterfinals, as the Brazilians had an easy match against their African opponents and is one of the two teams with Russia in the competition with the maximum points.

If we look at the scorer list it was Ale Nascimento who had contributed the most on the hosts side to the first important steps to the victory, she has scored five out of the first six goals for her side and with them paved the way to success in this duel.

Hypo´s Dani Piedade has injured herself in the dying minutes of the first half, so she has not appeared on the field and court for the last 30 minutes.

Ivory Coast, on paper the weakest team among the top 16, was unable to respond and this despite several changes by coach Thierry Vincent.

The second half was a one sided affair, where Brazilian coach Martin Soubek gave playing time to his bench players to rest the other before the important 1/4finals against Spain.

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