World Championship 2011 Brasil

France is the first finalist of the WCH!

France is the first finalist of the WCH!

Semi-final, Sao Paulo, Brazil:

France – Denmark 28:23 (14:12)

France have stopped the so far undefeated Danish team and reached as first team the finale of the World Championship.

It were the Danes with the better start in the game, Jan Pytlick´s players established a 3-goals lead, whilst on the French side playmaker Allison Pineau injured herself, which came as a shock to coach Olivier Krumbholz´s team.

Despite the injury, right back Alexander Lacrabere took the initiative and her side quickly came on eye level and even took the lead before the half-time whistle.

In the second half France brought the same high quality handball as in their quarterfinal game against Russia, the Danes never came as close as two goals.

The dying minutes were already part of the fiesta for the French, so the tricolor has celebrated bravely after the final whistle.

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World Championship 2011 Brasil

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