Gro Hammerseng & Anja Edin together in Larvik HK from next season

Gro Hammerseng & Anja Edin together in Larvik HK from next season

Gro Hammerseng has agreed to stay in Larvik extending her contract to 2013/2014 season. Anja Edin, Gro’s girlfriend, have also signed a two year contract for Larvik HK.
will become a mother next year.

Larvik HK is pleased to have secured the two signatures which means that Gro Hammerseng and Anja Edin plays in Larvik HK the next two seasons.

– We are very pleased that Gro want to play two more years for Larvik HK. That Anja also choose Larvik is also gratifying, says head coach Ole Gustav Gjekstad in a press release from Larvik HK.

Hammerseng and Edin is pleased to have made ​​their choice

– We have chosen Larvik HK because we just ended up that that was what we wanted to. It feels like the right choice. The sports offer is very exciting, says Gro Hammerseng.

Gro Hammerseng

167 national team matches
Olympic gold (2008)
3 x European Championship Gold (2004, 2006 og 2010)
Champions League champions (Larvik 2010/11)
Cup Winner Cup champions (FC Midtjylland 2004)
League champions in Norway (Larvik 2010/11)
Play off champions in Norway (Larvik 2010/11)
Norwegian champions (Larvik 2010/11)

Anja Edin

32 national team matches
World Championship Bronze (2009)

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