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Popovic won her sixth CL title-Görbicz took only the topscorer price on her birthday

Popovic won her sixth CL title-Görbicz took only the topscorer price on her birthday

Last Sunday in Podgorica, Buducnost and Győri ETO KC met in the second leg of the CL-final. Hungarians had a small advantage from the first leg played in Veszprém, there they managed to win at 29-27.

The venue, Moraca where final was hold, has been sold out, and 400 Hungarian fans was also expected. Unfortunatelly the fans couldn’t drive close to the arena only 5 minutes before the start of the match because they were stopped and blocked by Montenegrin police, outside the city, to not have the possibility to have a crush with the home fans, named Varvaris (barbars).

After the match Hungarian spectators was not allowed to watch and congratulate for their team, but they were forced to live the arena before the official medal-ceremony has started.

Both teams had big profiles who has won aready CL titles in their carriers, Popovic and Savic at home side, Haraldsen and Löke at Győr’s team.

In the first part ETO took the lead, but Buducnost defended strong, getting a lot of 2 min.suspensions, but Hungarians couldn’t manage to take a considerable advantage despite the montenegrins suspensions.13-12 was the score after thirty minutes of play.

In the second half of the game both teams tried to get a bigger gap, but it was only 1-2 goals difference, and in the final this caused that Budusnost won the CL-title, first time in club’s history because of more goals scored in the first, away-match. Final score: 27-25.


Anita Görbicz scored 9 goals on her 29th birthday but the CL-trophy was lifted again by Bojana Popovic, who won her sixth CL-trophy with Buducnost.

Topscorer of CL is Görbicz with 133 goals.

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Champions League

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