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European transfer overview (4.)

European transfer overview (4.)

Next part of the transfer overview takes us to Scandinavia, and we will take a look over Swedish, Norwegian and Danish club’s transfer map.


IK Savehof

The Swedish champion will start the CL directly int he group stage, and this is the first time in clubs history. In the last years they had to play qualification tournaments to reach the groups. The squad is very young, mostly with players who dont’ have much international experience.

Left: Cecilie Grubbström (Viborg HK), Jennifer Kasman(?), Jenny Skogsberg(?), Julia Lahti(?), Karin Isakkson(?), Moa Fredriksson (HF Kroppskultur Dam)

Joined: Filippá Idéhn (Spårvägens HF), Elin Karlsson (BK Heid), Susanna Andreasson (?), Linnea Arrhenius(?)



Larvik HK

Gro Hammmerseng

Gro Hammerseng


The Norwegians lost the young Kurtovic and the experienced, but injured Nyberg. At the same time Gro Hammerseng is ready to start playing handball after giving birth to her baby and Anja Edin also joined the team. Tine Stange is out the hole season due to happy circumstances and Nora Mørk’s recovery is quite inpredictible.

Left: Amanda Kurtovic(Viborg HK), Katja Nyberg (end of carrier),Tine Stange( pregnancy)

Joined: Kristine Breistøl (Bakkælagets), Anja Edin (Storhamar), Kristina Bille (Krim)


Byåsen Handball Elite

The club from Trondheim is preparing for their third consecutive year on CL groups, but they had to go trough the qualification tournament first. Players as Mari Molid and Hanna Yttereng moved to Levanger to get more playing time but the defence is strengthened with experienced Sara Andersson, and they transfered a new junior line player too.

Left: Mari Molid, Hanna Yttereng (Levanger HK), Elisabeth Haukenes (end of career?), Iva Zamorska (gave birth to a baby)

Joined: Sara Kristina Andersson (Levanger), Jenny Grøttan(Utleira), Teodora Tomac (Njård )



Viborg HK

Great players like Grit Jurack, Louise Bager Due and Henriette Mikkelsen endend their career and young, talented players are taking over.Viborgians has big plans for the future.

Left: Cristina Varzaru (CSM Bucuresti), Grit Jurack (ending her career, injury), Henriette Mikkelsen (civil job), Cristina Pedersen (FIF), Louise Bager Due (career stop), Julie Aagaard (SK Århus), Camilla Mikkelsen (Hadsten), Anja Althaus (Thüringer), Mathiled Kristensen ( Skive)

Joined: Cecilie Grubbström (Savehof), Cléopatre Darleux (Arvor 29), Amanda Kurtovic (Larvik HK), Louise Lyksborg (HC Leipzig), Holly Lam-Moores (Great Britain), Sabine Pedersen, Søs Søby (Aalborg DH), Anne Cecilie la Cour( from junior team)


Randers HK

Almost a hole team is leaving or ending career, so Jan Leslie will have a lot of work with his new, but ambitious team. Top-players like Macarena Aguilar and Siraba Dembele has joined the team, which is preparing for the CL.

Career stop: Mette Melgaard, Katrine Fruelund, Gitte Aaen

Left: Susan Müller, Nina Wörz (Krim Ljubljana), Veronica Cuadrado (KIF Vejen), Mie Augustesen(Thüringer HC), Adriana Cardoso De Castro (Akaba Bera Bera), Stephanie Andersen (Silkeborg Voel), Simone Bøhme Kirstensen (Silkeborg Voel)

Joined: Ulrika Ågren (Team Esbjerg), Sabine Jacobsen (Lugi), Macarena Aguilar (Itxako), Siraba Dembele (Toulon), Freja Cohrt (FCM), Cecilie Mørk Hansen, Sara Brüner (from junior team), Simona Antonia (SK Århus)

FC Midtjylland


Left: Ingrid Ødegård (HC Odense), Debbie Bont (HC Leipzig), Linnea Torstensson (Krim Ljubljana), Maria Sørensen, Cecilie Woller (NFH), Sofie Bæk (SønderjyskE), Mia Biltoft (Rinkøbing)

Joined:  Mathilde Nesgaard, Simone Rasmussen (from junior team), Malene Dalgaard( from maternity break), Anne Mette Pedersen (recovered after injury), Natascha Ohlendorff (SK Århus), Anne T. Hansen (Silkeborg Voel)


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