Karl Erik Bøhn`s national team for Serbia

Karl Erik Bøhn`s national team for Serbia

TimeOut Magazine asked the coach of Hungary about trainings, players and coming matches.

Timeoutmagazine: Congratulations to you and your team for  winning the last tournament  in Czechia. How could you define the importance of those training matches against Island, Slovakia and the host team, and which details needs immediatly adjustment?

Bøhn: Playing matches is always usefull for a team. There were a lot of promising  aspects in the game, but our defence must be improved significantly. We have to be more direct to the ball, to play in defence with the purpose to win it.

Timeoutmagazine: Which are the most important criteria for a player to be member of  the national team?? Shall we see some new players on the team  when the next period of preparation starts?
Bøhn: First of all they have to be  good handball players having ambitions for development. In Romania two new players will make their debut in the national team: Ivett Szepesi and Dóra Hornyák, and I hope also that they will be free of injuries.

Timeoutmagazine: What could be the solution to build a compact team, with players who knows very well each other, even if you do not have the opportunity to have them all at once at trainings and preparation games? Is that even possible to build a team in such a conditions and have big expectations in ECh in Serbia?
Bøhn:I have to say that we are very lucky that we have two complete lines from the two biggest clubs, Győr and FTC. The most important work is done at the clubs and it’s also crucial that these players can prepare propely at their club teams for the coming CL matches and national championship games also. They will have a very busy  schedule. I have a good plan to the preparation and I am quiet satisfied about the prestation of the players in Germany and Czechia and in their clubs too. We will start the direct preparation to ECh in 19th November, and we will work together until 16th December. I am confident that we can  achieve a good result in Serbia.

Timeoutmagazine: What do you expect from the next tournament in Romania, your team will participate at? Which level Hungary represents compared to the other two teams, Romania and Ukraine? (Romania has a young team, but a new-old coach in Tadici and Ukraine is quiet well-known from different tournaments).

Bøhn: I am expecting that the players are doing their best and giving everything on the next tournament. I am not quiet interested of the result, but we will always win the match of course. We will test players, giving them opportunities to practice, without thinking about the result. Despite this I think we are going to play a good handball.

Timeoutmagazine: Romania has also a „B” team, which will be the fourth team you will meet. Have you thought to establish a „B” team in Hungary as well, regarding to have players you can always set in to the team, without problems, if injuries occurs?

Bøhn: I was thinking about that, but in Hungary there is a high- quality work at the clubs, so I don’t have a reason to establish a second team yet.

Timeoutmagazine: Szandra Zácsik from FTC has a shoulder injury, she won’t be able to play in Serbia. The team needs another back player. Which players would you prioritize?

Another player will also miss the ECh, due to happy circumstances. Ágnes Hornyák is pregnant, and she will be missed int he both ends of the court. Is Kristina Trischuk’s citizenship a fact, could she have a chance to participate in ECh? Have you thought of Gabriella Szűcs from HC Zalau, could she be an option??

Bøhn: It’s always sad to have injured players, especially Zácsik, which has the hardest shoot among women players in the world. I was really wish to have her in Serbia. But she is young and could recover fast, and we have to give her the time she needs. It’s very important that she is healthy, because we would like to use her abilities many years from now.
Hornyak was also an important brick in our play, had a very good prestation last year in the national team and we will miss her a lot. But I am very happy for her and Gabor( her boyfriend), they will have a baby and this is a very happy moment in everyones life. Congratulations  from here!

I hope that Trischuk is ready in late october, she is a good player, who showed a really good performance in Germany this summer and it will be a big help for us at Hungarian national team.

Gabriella Szűcs is also a very good player and yes, she could be an option for Serbia.

Timeoutmagazine: And finally what are the plans for November for your team, where and against which teams will you compete?

We are invited to a tournament in Ukraine in November and before travelling to Serbia maybe we will play another training match at home court also.


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