Hungary: final squad to Serbia

Hungary: final squad to Serbia
Ibolya Szekeres

Photo: Miklós Szabó

Head-coach of Hungary, Karl Erik Böhn has nominated earlier today his final squad to EURO 2012 in Serbia.

” This is the biggest challenge in my coach career, because leading a national team on Europeans is a bigger issue than even a CL-final, in my opinion. We have players from the two Hungarian CL-clubs, which had a great performance in last weeks and other very talented players too. Our preparation started with restitution, after that we had  trainings and played at Turchin-cup in Ukraine. Summarizing all of these I have nominated the squad, and I believe that we are going to be a team which can cause serious problems to all opponents, nobody can take anything granted against our team.”- said Böhn.

The squad of Hungary:

Goalkeepers: Herr Orsolya (Győri Audi ETO), Kiss Éva (Siófok Galérius Fürdő)

Left wingers: Vérten Orsolya (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria), Vincze Melinda (ÉTV Érd)

Right wingers Bódi Bernadett (Dunaújvárosi Kohász), Kovacsicz Mónika (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria)

Playmakers: Görbicz Anita (Győri Audi ETO), Kovacsics Anikó (Győri Audi ETO), Szucsánszki Zita (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria), Triscsuk Krisztina (Fehérvár KC)

Left backs: Klivinyi Kinga (Vác), Szekeres Klára (ÉTV Érd), Tomori Zsuzsanna (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria)

Right backs: Rédei-Soós Viktória (Győri Audi ETO)

Line-players: Cifra Anita (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria), Szamoránsky Piroska (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria)

Reserves: Bulath Anita (Viborg HK), Orbán Adrienn (Győri Audi ETO), Pastrovics Melinda (FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria), Szabó Valéria (Zvezda Zvenyigorod)

Hungary will continue their preparation in Szeged. On 30th November they will play a preperation match against Brasil, team which are preparing in Austria right now. The team will travel to Novi Sad on 3th December.

The organizers of ECh has informed that the most of tickets at this venue has been purchased by Hungarian supporters.

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