Injuries stops more players to be present in Serbia

Injuries stops more players to be present in Serbia
Ibolya Szekeres

EURO 2012 in Serbia will start about two days( 4th December) and we have an unfortunately quiet long list with names of players beeing injured and because of this can’t help their national teams participating in Serbia.

Group A: Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Czech Republic

Norway has to playin Serbia without Amanda Kurtovic (shoulder injury), Gøril Snorroeggen (injury) and Kari Aalvik Grimsbø (not injured, but pregnant).

Ukraine has to deal with the absence of two players, Valeriya Zorya (EB Start Elblag) and Olga Peredery (Rostov Don), both having a central role in Ukrainian defense if healthy.


Photo: Márta Kállai

Group B: France, Sweden, Denmark, Macedonia

France having an important player missing: goalkeeper Amandine Leynaud (Oltchim Rm.Valcea), who suffered a knee-injury at the start of season at her club.

One of Macedonia’s key-players, right-back Elena Gjorgjievska has suffered an ankle-injury, at her club, Buducnost in CL.

Group C: Spain, Croatia, Germany, Hungary

Germany missed in the last few weeks three right-backs because of injuries: Stephanie Melbeck , Isabell Klein and Susan Müller, all suffered different injuries and they had to be replaced with other players. In addition left back Nadja Nadgornaja has injured her ankle, so her presence is a big question too.

Hungary has two players who were chosen to the final squad, Krisztina Trischuk(FKC) and Anita Cifra (FTC), but after the first trainings with the team was  decided that they are not in the necessary health-shape to participate at the first stage of the ECh. Backplayer Trischuk has a leg-injury and line-player Cifra is struggeling with a shoulder problem.


Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Croatia will miss the two biggest names from their squad in Serbia: Andrea Penezic have an ankle injury (from Olympics) and despite she was back on court at her club, Krim, she won’t play at ECh.

Miranda Tatari, playmaker from Podravka has a knee-injury, she had gone trough a surgery.

Nikica Pusic-Koroljevic will miss the ECh because her astma.


Group D: Russia, Romania, Montenegro, Iceland

Romania’s rightback, Patricia Vizitiu (Üsküdar) has finished her recovery after a knee injury suffered in May, she was called to the national team, but her present shape won’t permit to play in Serbia.

Paula Ungureanu’s health and sport’s shape is perfect, but 2 days ago her father has suffered a heart-attack and died. The goalkeeper traveled to be with her family in these difficult moments, but she will be back to the match against Montenegro.


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