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Søren S Jeppesen: France will win the Euro 2012

Søren S Jeppesen: France will win the Euro 2012

In our series of expert commentators for the Euro 2012 in Serbia for women, we’ve got the Bundesliga coach Søren S Jeppesen to take a look at the groups and tell us who will advance to the main round, which team will make the surprise, what players to have an eye on and finally which team will travel home early.

In this article we’ll have a look at group B who plays in Nis.


This is my favorite to win this championship. I do also think that they will win group B without too much trouble.

The reason is that they play a defense that is quite similar to their mens national team. Most of their opponents do not want to run into this defense voluntarily. And, it’s much more easy to be a goalkeeper when you have a defense like this where the player have to think twice before taking the chance to challenge defense.

France can sometimes play an offensive game that is so boring to watch that you almost fall asleep, but it’s also safe when they choose to play that way.

In my opinion France got the best coach, Olivier Krumbholz, what the man can not accomplish with his crew, is absolutely incredible.
I think they’ll go all the way to the top this time. This years gold medalist.

Profiles: Oliver Krumhbolz, Cleopatre Darleux, Siraba Dembele, Alison Pineau

That’s a big question mark for me. They switch Per Johansson with Thorbjörn Klingvall,last mentioned coach is the coach of Falk mens team in 1.division in Norway, and has only had a short time with the national team.

In this short period, what could he bring to the team?

I do not think very much. But, I wonder if there has been a busy meeting activity between the two coaches, and think Sweden will play, as they played in Johansson’s period, with small details from Klingvall.

Sweden has an incredibly strong defense and an attack there is nothing to write home about.
Sweden should be out in the war against Denmark in the first match, the match will determine who will be second and third of this group. Sweden comes to the main round, and then it’s over.

Profiles: Johanna Ahlm, Ulrikke Ågren, Kristina Flogmann, Linnea Thorstensson.

After the Olympic Games in London, coach Jan Pytlick has been under pressure from all sides in Denmark, Team Denmark, Handball League, club coaches, he was forced to do replacements. And I they came.

It is a “baby team”, but this team has no brakes, they’ve shown this in the two Golden League events this autumn.

In these two tournaments they surprised everyone, and I do think they even surprised themself.

But, they play with a speed and a desire to play handball, a cheek in the attack indicated
by Kristina “Mullet” Kristiansen and Lotte Grigel, also DK gone away from the solid 6-0 defense. It has given
paw until now. But now it gets serious for babies, and they do not have much routine to make it, I think
this is their biggest challenge. Denmark opens against Sweden, and will fight about second place in the group, Denmark advance to the main round, then it’s over.

Profiles: Line Jørgensen, Kristina Kristiansen, Susan Thor Farm

It ends before it starts. They’ve come in a very tough group and can run into
some nasty opponent along the way.
And a country with little tradition of women’s handball.

Profiles: ??

38 year old Søren Jeppesen is a handball coach in the German Bundesliga where he now coaches Raubmöwen in Travemünde. Earlier he was head coach of HSG Wildungen and before that a coach in Iceland, Norway and his home country Denmark.
Søren has also worked in the radio for 10 years where he followed both club teams in Denmark and the national teams at their championships.

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Euro 2012

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