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Søren S Jeppesen: What is Russia without Trefilov?

Søren S Jeppesen: What is Russia without Trefilov?

Photo: Marius Ionescu

In our series of expert commentators for the Euro 2012 in Serbia for women, we’ve got the Bundesliga coach Søren S Jeppesen to take a look at the groups and tell us who will advance to the main round, which team will make the surprise, what players to have an eye on and finally which team will travel home early.

In this article we’ll have a look at group D who plays in Vrsac.

What is Russia without Trefilov!?! Yes, there are certainly many who question this, even I do.

The russian team has changed their coach, and I do hope it is for the better.

Russia has always under Trefilovs leadership been ther when medals were to be shared out.
Now the question is; are they there this time also and can they can go all the way, with a new coach.
How far Russia willgo I don’t dare to predict at the moment, but it is almost the same team as under the previous coach and with a perhaps better
coaching, then you never know what happens to them. So I make a large Questioning about Russia.
Ont thing is for sure, they will advance from the group as either number on or two

Profiles: Liudmilla Postnova, Emilia Turei

They play without this decade’s best female player, Bojana Popovic. She stopped
playing handball completely after the Olympics.
So the question is, how tired they are after the surprise where they won Olympic silver in London, and what they can achieve without Bojana.

I’m not quite sure of my claim, they will proceed from the group with 0 points, they beats Iceland in the first match, they are passed on to main round and from there I think it’s over.

Profiles: Ana Dokic, Kataharina Bulatovic

Iceland came to this tournament since Holland witdraw, they were among others also in the World Championship in Brazil as where they probably surprised a part of the handball world.
But not to me, as I have some knowledge of the Icelandic handball, and has known their coach Agust Johansson as if anyone is the man behind the team’s big surprises.
The question is when we see him in one of the big leagues in Europe as a head coach. But for this tournament they have come in a tough group and must win their opening match against Montenegro if they are to proceed.
I think unfortunately they have to go home early this time. Iceland has been
reinforced by Ramune Pekarskyte as originally comes from Lithuania, she plays on a daily basis in Norwegian Levanger, she can be interesting at this stage, together with the Icelandic pivot Anna Ursula Gudmundsdottir.

Profiles: Rachel Dögg Bragadóttir, Anna Ursula Gudmundsdottir.

A team I am excited to see in combat, they are buiølding a new team with some exiting players.
In their preparation they were in Germany, where they one day win over the Germans with three goals, and the net day lose 30-9!

I think this team can surprise in positive direction, and then they
easily get a “small” home advantage in Serbia. Tehir faith will be in have many points they get into the main round.

They are a little handicapped from start with where their goalkeeper have been released from the two first matches because of a close familymember passed away .

Profiles: Stanca, Neagu Curea

38 year old Søren Jeppesen is a handball coach in the German Bundesliga where he now coaches Raubmöwen in Travemünde. Earlier he was head coach of HSG Wildungen and before that a coach in Iceland, Norway and his home country Denmark.
Søren has also worked in the radio for 10 years where he followed both club teams in Denmark and the national teams at their championships.

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