Surprising but superb Hungarian victory against Spain

Surprising but superb Hungarian victory against Spain

The final of the group C was played between Hungary and Spain, on Friday afternoon in the SPENS Arena in Novi Sad.

Spain was leading the group before this match with four points, defeating both Germany and Croatia, meanwhile Hungary had collected two against Germany and lost the opening match in favor of Croatia.

The first place of the group and the number of taken points to the Main Round was on play tonight.

Hungarians are confident that having those positive energies they got after the victory against Germans, will be able to defeat the strong Spanish team as well.

Photo: Márta Kállai

Spain is getting back to important players after minor injuries, Macarena Aguilar and Veronica Cuadrado, but Mónika Kovacsiz (seeknes against Germany) will be able to play as well for Hungary.

Karl Erik Böhn, head-coach of Hungary is also confident:

“With some adjustment in our attack and an improving defense we could be dangerous against every team. My team is mentally stronger than I have thought… Now we are focusing only on Spain.”

In the first half of the game   Hungary has opened with a 4-0, when coach Duenas called his timeout. After the short break Spanish team managed to score and reduce the gap, but Hungarians has continued the well organised defense and imaginative attack. Evolution of the score: 4-1, 5-2, 7-2,  8-3, 9-4. Spanish team has changed their defense system and this stopped the opponent to score so easily. Spanish team has closed the gap and equalised seven minutes before  the break, but Tomori  put her team in advantage again. The game had became a very exciting one, like a real group-final. Scoring were committed in the both ends of the court. Hungarians were not agree with tie, they had scored several times and finished the first half in advantage. Anita Görbicz has been injured five minutes before the break, hopefully not seriousosly. Half time result: 17-14.

Photo: Márta Kállai

Second part was started with a Hungarian serial of scorings, signed by Tomori, Rédei-Soós and Szucsánszki, 22-17 in minute 37. After 24-20 for Spain, Duenas stops the game for a time-out.  The arena is in fire, Hungarian crowd is extatic, cheering its team, 27-25, min.48. Fantastic Zsuzsanna Tomori  has scored her eleventh goal(!), Silvia Navarro is changed in goal with Cristina Gonzalez, but not for a long period. Rédei-Soós is playing the match of her life, Görbicz is back on the court again to make the play and Tomori is outstanding again. Spanish coach, Duenas trying to stop the Hungarian wave with a time-out, at 32-28 for opponents.Final result: 32-31

Result: Hungary-Spain  32-31 (17-14)

Topscorers: Zsuzsanna Tomori (Hungary) 12 goals and  Carmen Martin (Spain) 7 goals

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