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Hungary can beat anyone, and Spain on a siesta

Hungary can beat anyone, and Spain on a siesta

Photo: Márta Kállai

Our expert commentator, Søren Jeppesen, gives his comments about group C:

Hungary into the medal match, Spain with a sieasta, Croatia could not be without star, Germany on.

Croatia without big stars like Penezic, Tatari, Golubic, Horvat, Zebic, has seriously disappointed, what I believed was a strong collective before the championship, has disappointed big.
They start by beating Hungary that ends up as the winner of the group. But then things have gone downhill for the Croats, and we must say that it is a surprise. Without the big stars, the collective did not come forward and they have to pack their bags early and travel home.

Germany, which I before the championship didn’t leave many chances, starting as expected to lose to Spain and Hungary.
Then with the knife to their throat they had to win the last match against Croatia, which happens with the result 17-16, which actually looks more like a half time result than a final result. But it was a top tuned German crew Heine Jensen sent on the field, with an incredibly strong defensive and behind them played HC Leipzig
keeper Katja Schülke one of her best matches, and sent Germany to the main round without points. And they will have a hard time against the incredibly good teams from group D.

Hungary can beat everyone, but also lose to anyone told their Norwegian coach before the finals started. And until further we must say he was right. But they’ve impressed in my eyes.
They do not impress in the first group match against Croatia, and from there it went upwards, even though they were about to blunder into Friday’s match
against Spain, but keeps fights all the way to the end. They advance to the main round with full points and I’m sure they will take one of the four semi final spots.

Spain seemed to take a little “siesta” in the middle of the group phase. This can be critical if they don’t wake up in time for the main round.
There must be said that they are a little unlucky getting both Mangue and Cuadrado injuried in the first match against Germany.
If Spain want to be in the semifinals, they have to wake up since there are no room for more losses. Now they have to win against ROmania, Russia and Montenegro if the “chicas” want to come home with medals around their neck.

38 year old Søren Jeppesen is a handball coach in the German Bundesliga where he now coaches Raubmöwen in Travemünde. Earlier he was head coach of HSG Wildungen and before that a coach in Iceland, Norway and his home country Denmark.
Søren has also worked in the radio for 10 years where he followed both club teams in Denmark and the national teams at their championships.

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Euro 2012

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