Anja Edin: so much fun to win

Anja Edin: so much fun to win

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Anja Edin, the playmaker of Norway was very happy for today’s victory and she thinks that playing here in Serbia is very fun:

” It was a fantastic experience to be on the court today, when things worked out so well and we won at such a big difference.

We had a very good play today in attack, fast, precise and very good backplayers beside me.

Today we had a big improving in our play, we has growed from game to game and we could build on our previous matches. Our defense was also fantastic, Linka has stolen a lot of balls and Katrine had a great performance in the goal.

We have showed a totally another face today in our attack, and this because we had worked a lot, had some good conversations in the team to solve our problems, discussing what we have to do in another way.

Personally I feel quiet well here in Ech, my family will arrive soon also and I very glad to have the chance to be here.

The next matches are against Sweden and Denmark, well-known teams to us, but always tough matches, big battles against each other.”


Nina Kamto, the captain and line-player of the France team said after the defeat:

“We have lost this match and I am very sad, also I don’t have idea what happened. We had a much worse defense today than in the previous matches and our attack hasn’t worked at all.

Today was not our day, and they didn’t win, but we loose.

The upcoming matches also will be very tough, against Czech Republic and Serbia, there is no easy match from now and we have to work to improve our game.”

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