Euro 2012

Massive Norwegian victory

Massive Norwegian victory

Norway – France 30:19 (14 :10)

Despite Norway´s slow start in the EHF EURO 2012 it was the Scandinavians who took the better start in this encounter and thanks to easy goals by their team mates and saves by Katrine Lunde Haraldsen, Thorir Hergeirsson´s team moved on with 4:2.

The French, who already beat Norway several times in pre-matches prior to this tournament, showed great fighting spirit and with a 4:0 serie forced the Scandinavians to a time out.

France kept pushing hard after the time out, but with Anja Edin´s arrival, Norway were flying high again and so Edin and Co. produced a 4:0 in this roller-coaster.

This cemented Norway´s performance in the first half and the Scandinavians were pushing hard on the gas pedal reaching an advantageous 14:10 half time lead.

The first three goals in the second period were accounted for Norway again and so Sulland and Co. were already ahead by seven goals.

France and coach Olivier Krumbholz looked without plans, his side produced mistakes after mistakes that were punished by the Norwegians.

The Scandinavian domination continued, minute 41 meant a nine goals lead for the only unbeaten team in their respective group.

France switched to a more offensive 4 to 2 defensive formation with both Alison Pineau and Raph Tervel defending on the nine metre line.

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

This tactical change by coach Krumbholz caused huge problems for Norway and quickly the difference melted to five goals only, the game was open again.

The Scandinavians adapted quickly to the new French defensive system and Pineau and her team-mates moved back to the six metre line.

Norway increased the lead minute-by-minute, six minutes before the end, Thorir Hergeirsson´s team was ahead by the by hen highest difference of ten goals which increased to 11 goals by the final whistle.

With this defeat the French chances for a semi-final spot decreased, whilst Norway made another great step for earning a semi-final berth.

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