Hungarian and Romanian interviews

Hungarian and Romanian interviews

Photo: Marius Ionescu

Talida Tolnai, goalkeeper of Romania:

” We had a good start, but after the break we loose the rhythm of the game and we made a weak second part.

I don’t really know what the problem was, what happened, we have to analyse this match tonight.

We gave up in the final part of the match, we lost even  the hope, I can’t explain.

We will try to make a good game against Germany about two days.”

Anikó Kovacsics, Hungarian all-around player, was very happy:

“We played a fantastic game , everybody was on fire from already yesterday, and all the things happened before this game has strenghtened us as a team.

Every player on the court added something to this game, we were a real team. I have to say that Éva Kiss had an absolutelly great performance, Romanian players having problems to score from clear situations, especially in the second half. There we had a long period ( ten minutes) without scoring from the opponent, and that was very important.

Anita Görbicz came back from illness and led the team as nobody else can do that, it was amazing.

Now we are in the semifinals, we will maybe meet Norway, but everything could happen, we will defeat Russia too, so maybe we will finish on the top of the group.”

Photo: Márta Kállai

Karl Erik BöhnK, head-coach of Hungary:

” This was a fantastic game, I  dreamed about this victory, but was not hundred percent confident that we can make it.

Then Spain drew against Russia and I said to myself, that we can win and make it to the semifinals.

There was a very good atmosphere in the team, everybody was prepared, I saw on their faces that they are decided to win and to end the matematics in this group.

Görbicz was fantastic, despite her illness, Kiss in the goal has showed a great performance and our wingers, Vérten and Kovacsicz couldn’t fail today.

The semifinal will be very difficult, maybe we have to play against Norway, but anyway, going to semifinal is a very strong prestation from my team and I am very proud of them.

I am very satisfied that we can play for medals here in Serbia and my team has still a lot of  energies, which we could use in the next matches.”

Photo: Márta Kállai


Anita Görbicz, playmaker of Hungary came back from a viral illness and helped the team to the victory:

” I am very satisfied that we have  defeated Romania, this is the most important thing. I feel better now, after this virus infection, and I am happy that I could play and help the team.

We have expected  more resistance from the Romanian team, they had statements before the match about us, saying that we don’t have goalkeepers, wingers, that I personally am very unpredictable, Tomori could not play and they were thinking that can beat us easily.

Happily, today we proved that we are seventeen very good players in this team, and we could work together like a TEAM, beeing able to do great things together and for each other.

Yesterday we have got some videos about the opponent, every player analysed those videos, after that we have discussed it, the coaches added some minor adjustments and today they have played exactly the same game seen on the videos, that’s why I can tell you- it was easy, knowing their movements.”


Photo: Marius Ionescu

Gheorghe Tadici, head-coach of Romania:

” I have to congratulate to Hungary for this victory, making a very good game with good tactical movements. Unfortunately my team had one of the worse games today in the whole tournament, offering many opportunities to the opponents to score easy goals, and we done a lot of mistakes and failed to score from clear situations.

These conditions made Hungarians job’s easy and they deserved to win the game .”

Adriana Nechita

Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Adriana Nechita, Romanian right-wing, awarded The best player of the Romanian team in this game:


” This is a very painful defeat to us, it was a decisive game that we must win to keep alive our chances to advancing to the semifinals. Playing a bad match, with many mistakes was not possible to win, and we are all very sorry for that.”

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