Euro 2012

Semifinal scenarios for group 2

Semifinal scenarios for group 2

Photo: Márta Kállai

We’ve alredy had a look at the scenarios in group 1 for who to go to the semifinals, and now we’ll have a look at the scenarios in group 2.

Today Montenegro and Hungary can secure their semifinals. If Hungary wins against Romania, and Montenegro takes at least one point they’re both ready for the semifinals.

If Hungary wins and Montenegro lose against Germany, and Spain wins against Russia, Montenegro will play a final for the last semifinal place on Thursday.

If Hungary loses the match against Romania, then Russia are in the loop if they win against Spain. Then Russia needs Romania to lose against Germany, and themself win against Hungary.

So as we see, there are a lot of scenarios ot be played out in this group, but most likely we think Montenegro will go to the semifinal together with the winner of the match Hungary vs Romania that is to be settled at 20:15 tonight.

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Euro 2012

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