Spain and Russia drew

Spain and Russia drew

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

In the first match of the day, Spain met Russia in an extremely important encounter regarding the qualification to the next stage and the teams finished with a draw after an exciting match.

Both Spain and Russia possessed two points so far, needing badly to win point(s) today to keep their chances alive for a semi-final spot.

Russia announced the replacement of  a player yesterday: left winger Emilia Turey has been replaced by Dinamo Volgograd`s Elene Avdekova, but it was the standard Russian line-up in the starting position.

And this strong unit presented itself in a much better shape than days before against Germany, where the Russians overslept the starting minutes.

Versus Spain, the eastern Europeans had a storming start with a 5:1 lead leaving their opponents in shock.

With Silvia Navarro producing great saves in the Spanish goal and with Macarena Aguilar as the main director the Iberians started a craft sopping catch-up phase.

Carmen Martín was superior with the penalties, whilst Begona Fernandez made the line to her playground scoring marvelous goals.

Martha Mangue´s goal in the 19th minute meant that Spain leveled the score to 9:9.

Since that moment on the Iberians controlled the game and were in lead, but strong Russia leveled the score and with a goal in the dying seconds by Liudmila Postnova, Russia took the lead with 14:13.

Spain started the second period with great ambition and determination to turn the result, but a little concentration error occurred and the Spaniards missed their clear-cut shots or reserve goalkeeper Maria Basarab saved bravely.

The Russians had their fluctuation in their game, so with Carmen Martín´s 7 metre executions and with Macarena Aguilar´s breakthroughs Spain closed the gap and leveled the score in minute 47 to 20:20.

Their determined play brought its fruits and Span took the lead, but Russia fought back hard and an entertaining and exciting finish was presented to the spectators with both teams giving their maximum for the victory.

The dying minutes brought lots of tense moments, but no team could decide the game in their favor.

Márta Kállai

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