Another German win in the Main Round

Another German win in the Main Round

Germany – Romania 25:23 (16:9)

Germany had a great run in the Main Round, coach Heine Jensen´s team didn´t lose any of their games so far, beat group winner Montenegro and against Romania, the Germans aimed for another victory in hope to reach Belgrade and third position in their respective group.

With this in their mind they went all-out against a disappointed Romania that lost versus Hungary an important battle in the race for a semi-final spot.

Germany´s sharpshooters Laura Steinbach and Leipzig´s Anne Hubinger fired away nicely and brought the determined Jensen team in a massive lead that increased to five goals after 18 minutes.

Romania was only effective by left-handed Melinda Geiger, but had big problems on the line and from the wing positions. Germany´s Clara Woltering produced several heroics between the sticks and this left Romanian coach Gheorghe Tadici speechless on the sideline.

Romania were completely out of the game, they lacked power and ideas, so Germany rallied on with clever and well-thought attacks to seven goals difference in half-time.

The Germans were able to maintain their lead for about 35 minues, but then Romanian coach Tadici switched players and gave trust to his reserve players Adriana Tacalie and Clara Vadineanu.

With them in their ranks, the difference between the two teams melted from minute-by-minute. After 40 minutes it was only four goals and the Romanian hopes were in tact again.

Germany forged new plans and continued the so far successful way in scoring, especially Laura Steinbach was on fire.

With their victory the Germans made another miracle happen and are a good candidate in finishing third in their group, which would mean a placement match (5/6) in Belgrade.

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