Montenegro won the Main Round group

Montenegro won the Main Round group

Márta Kállai

Spain – Montenegro 23:27 (16:13)

Montenegro suffered its first defeat in the last round game against Germany and now it was at stake whether the south-Europeans reach first position in their respective group or finish as second.

Spain started the match way too hectic and their mistakes were punished massively by the Montenegrins.

Montengro´s star players, Katarina Bulatovic, Jovanka Radicevic and Milena Knezevic were responsible for a top start of the favorites and this good beginning resulted in a Spanish time out, where the Iberians were trailing by four goals already.

Nevertheless, Spanish coach Jorge Duenas calmed down his side and the Iberians returned to the court with a good rhythm. Nerea Pena and Co. found the pace of the match and with well-thought attacking Spain leveled the match in minute 17.

Beatriz Fernandez and her team-mates didn´t look back, so the Olympic Bronze medallist marched on by two goals, but Montenegro with some of their reserve players fought back hard.

Still it was Spain who controlled the match better and better, Eli Pinedo didn´t miss a shoot on the wing position, whilst sharpshooter Fernandez fired on all cylinders bringing her side to a four goals lead in half-time.

In the second period the Iberians kept on pushing hard on the gas pedal and scored several nice goals, whilst Montenegro were punished many times with two minutes suspensions.

This gave the Montenegrins a tough challenge. In the Spanish goal, Silvia Navarro shone well and the Montenegrins seemed to give up the fight, when they were down by five goals.

But exactly the opposite happened, as coach Adzic´s team scored four straight goals and now it was Spain´s Jorge Duenas who put the green card on the table to implement new plans for his side.

Tense minutes followed with both sides going for victory, Spain were leading and Montenegro closed up. After 52 minutes Knezeciv and Co. leveled and Radmila Miljanic´s goal meant a 22:21 lead for her side.

Montenegro rallied on with three goals 2,5 minutes before the end, Spain couldn´t come closer, so Adzic´s team won the group and will meet the 2nd ranked team from the other Main Round group in the semi-final.

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