Denmark fifth, Russia sixth!

Denmark fifth, Russia sixth!

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Placement match 5/6

Denmark – Russia 32:30 (15:15)

Two teams with a refreshed new squad made it both to Belgrade to meet for the fifth place match.

Both, Denmark and Russia intended to keep building their future team and experience with players in their respective squad.

It were the Russians who started their engines better in the match, Denmark were not focused and their defense was far from rock solid.

Coach Vitaly Krokhin´s team used a strong back court and also scored by their strong wing players. A 8:4 Russian lead forced Denmark coach Jan Pytlick to a time out.

Om the Danish side Ann Grete Nörgaard kept the Danish hopes alive, as the tiny winger scored easily through seven metre penalties.

Throughout the first half Russia kept their two-three goals lead, the Scandinavians edged closer, but were unable to level the score, as just like Nörgaard, Russia´s Anna Sen was also superb in 7m penalties.

Some concentration failure on the Russian side in the dying minutes costed three goals, so Denmark, despite being down by several goals, leveled the score.

Both teams came from the cabins with the great will to win this duel, but several mistakes occurred, tiredness was shown on the faces of both squads.

The game continued on eye level, the tension rose minute-by-minute.

After about 45 minutes the Danes started their top gear and with high speed attacking and counter attacks Denmark moved on by four goals reaching a pre-decision in the placement match.

The Danish lead wasn´t in danger to the remaining time, so Denmark finished as fifth, whilst Russia ended up on sixth position.


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