Norway preparing for Hungary

Norway preparing for Hungary
Ibolya Szekeres

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Ida Alstad, Norway:

“Hungary has impressed so far here in ECh, and they are a though, strong team, so I am expecting a match with a lot of hard touches and faults, maybe two minute suspensions and red cards.

Most important to us will be our defense, there we are used to base our victories.

We know very good Hungary and they also knows us I think, so it won’t be any secrets.

Here in the ECh we grow in our play, and I hope that in the semifinal both our attack and defense will work out very well, that’s we are working for.”

Kristine Lunde Borgersen, Norway:

” We will meet a very good Hungarian team, which made a very good impression here in Serbia so far, and having a Norwegian coach might help them a lot as well.

We have not watched any videos yet about them, bit I think that later today we will work on that.

They have a good team, with a good speed, very good players, but we will analyse them.

It could be an advantage for us  that my sister Katrine knows their players well, since she plays in the Hungarian League now so I hope that this will be an advantage to us, not to them.

I hope also that that the Arena here in Belgrade will be full, spectators will come both from Norway and Hungary to make a good atmosphere.”

Thorir Hergeirsson , head-coach of Norway:

” In my opinion as I can see, Hungary presents itself as a team, they are playing for each other, more than before, they got some positive mentality brought by their new coaching team,

They are not anymore Görbicz only, every positions are covered by good players which are fighting for each others.

Karl Erik Böhn is stating pessimistic, but I know him well, it’s only a mask, he would takthe pressure from him and his players.

It will be a though match, defense will be important, but I hope we will win.”

Katrine Lunde, goalkeeper Norway:

“It will be a strange feeling to play against my teammates from Győr, but we already did it before, so we can manage it.

Every semifinalist team has at least one player from Győr, but I hope of course that two gold medalists will arrive to Győr after this ECh is over.”

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