Norwegian statements after the semifinal

Norwegian statements after the semifinal
Ibolya Szekeres

Thorir Heirgersson, head-coach of Norway:

” We have prepared well for this match, because we had great respect for Hungary, which became a much better team. Their strength is that they are playing more like a team than they did earlier.

We had a good defense, with a lot of physical contact, and we managed to stop them in attack. At the same time we kept running, that was our plan, to run as much we can.

In the final I will get that opponent which will win the other semifinal today. I can’t pick our opponents, anyway they will be decided after playing a game isn’t it?”


Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Linn Gossé, left wing, Norway:

” This is my first time in a semifinal at a final tournament, and I feel  quiet well, its great to be here and to play in this team.

In today”s semifinal we had a plan that we will have a though defense and we will run, more than usual. We followed the plan, and we defeated Hungary. Now it’s only the final that will count.

I expect that Serbia will win against Montenegro tonight and we will meet the hots nation in the semifinals.”

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