Tomori: complete the miracle

Tomori: complete the miracle
Ibolya Szekeres

Photo: Márta Kállai

Zsuzsanna Tomori, Hungary, backplayer:

” This is a semifinal, and if we managed to get here we don”t want to stop anymore.

I am very confident that my team will have a similar defense as against Romania and  our attack will work out as we want.

We knows that it will be quiet difficult, but nothing else matters  now, only this match and we are prepared to complete this miracle.”

Photo: Márta Kállai

Anita Görbicz, Hungarian playmaker and team captain:

” We are aware of the fact that this will be our  most difficult match here in ECh, but I am very confident that we can play a close match, with though defense and good attacks.

We know very well some of the Norwegian players, like Katrine Lunde, who is my team mate in Győr, and even she is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, she has her weak sides, so we will try to exploite those.

Heidi Löke is the best line player I ever known, but she can also be neutralised, I am sure.

Karl Erik Böhn said, that he has prepared a very good surprise how to stop Norway, so I am confident, that we can make a big surprise.

Norway has won so many times already, I mean now is our turn to do that.”

Klára Szekeres, Hungarian defense-specialist:

” I am very happy and proud of my team that we managed to qualify to the semifinals in ECh.

It was a very difficult week, when we had a lot of though games. Last game against Russia was not high level by our side, but it was very important, that we could rest.

In the semifinal we will try to play for victory, setting a though defense and a fast attack. If every of us can play on their highest level we can reach the final.”

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