Eduarda Amorim: upcoming Montenegrin revenge against Norway

Eduarda Amorim: upcoming Montenegrin revenge against Norway

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Our expert, Eduarda Amorim has analysed yesterdays matches and has written her predictions about today’s final and the bronse match.

Denmark – Russia


For this match my predictions were right… It was an equilibrate match… Both teams were excited and really has showed they wanted the best position…

Russia started with a better performance than Denmark both in defense and in attack…

But Denmark kept fighting and tried a change into a deep defense, but Russia could score anyway because of their physical strength…

After the first half, Russia came back with a lower performance in defense and Denmark took the lead of the match specially using their fast breaks… In the end they just controlled the score and with two goals difference they gain the 5th place…



Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Hungary – Norway


Great start of the match from both sides, specialy for Hungary… But I felt after 17th min they got tired and could not brake trough the strong Norwegian defense and the outstanding performance of Katrine Lunde…They made really difficult for Hungary to reach their best performance…

Norway was brilliant and every player seemed to be in a good day and running a lot… This match gave them great confidence for the final…


Photo: Márta Kállai

Serbia –  Montenegro


Great semi final! Strong and aggressive defenses for both sides has determinate this match… The supporters for Serbia were happy when the team took the lead of 2:0. Serbia was perfoming better in the first half specially because of the unstoppable Filipovic…

Montenegro kept fighting and reduced the  3 goals difference to just one before finishing the first half…

Bulatovic and Co, came back in the second half more effective but still the score was tight. The game was very intense during the whole match but two easy mistakes from Serbia were decisive. Knezevic enjoyed the game and scored two times in the important moments give the Montenegrian the deserved victory.


Photo: Márta Kállai


To play against the home team will be difficult. Serbia is making really a great job. But I believe Hungarian will take the bronze medal…


The semifinal match for sure was disappointing for them and  they will become double motivated to win this medal…

Both teams are physically tired and which team will make more mistakes less will gain this battle… Counting that Hungary have more experienced players, my opinion is they will be more successful this match…


Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Maybe this could be the revenge for Montenegro for the Olympic’s final. Montenegro are being like always the biggest fighters in defense…And Bulatovic and Co are in their best performance in attack…

But I don’t believe Norway will give away this gold so easy.

They are confident, playing really good, everything is  in the way it should be. And specially, they are nor tired because they had big rotation in every match in this tournament…It will be an amazing match for sure!

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