Hungary defeats in thriller and extra time the hosts from Serbia!

Hungary defeats in thriller and extra time the hosts from Serbia!

Photo: Márta Kállai

Bronze match:

Hungary – Serbia 33:33 (21:19)
after extra time:  41:38 (36:37)

Two disappointing teams met for the bronze medal match, but the disappointment from the day before was not seen on the players`s face, as both sides aimed for a medal, so great fight was presented from the early minutes on.

After an equal start, it were the hosts who rallied on by three goals to 6:9, but Hungary fought back hard and showed a quality performance, especially back players Viktória Rédei-Soós and Zsuzsanna Tomori were on fire.

On the Serbian side Sanja Damnjanovic scored marvelous goals keeping the Serbs in game.

In the last phase of the first period, Hungary´s Zita Szucsánszki replaced Anita Görbicz as playmaker, so with her and with winger Melinda Vincze the red-white-green dressed team established another lead. After 28 minutes Hungary scored more often than the day before against Norway in the whole match.

Serbia came determined from the cabins with the will to turn the match and win bronze medal in front of the home crowd, so Andrea Lekic and Co. gave their utmost and quickly leveled the score.

Both teams were pushed loudly by their vociferous fans, so not only on the handball court, but also within the fans a a loud duel was heard.

The tense brought lots os exciting moments, the match was a real spectacle for everyone involved.

Hungary moved on by two-three goals, especially defensive specialist Klára Szekeres meant great moments for the Hungarians, with her goals, the difference between the two teams increased to three goals, so after 46 minutes Serbian coach Sasa Boskovic put his green card on the table.

But it was Hungary who maintained their lead, Serbia couldn´t edge closer, so it was again Boskovic who went for a time out 3,5 minutes before the final whistle, Hungary were ahead 32:30.

Serbia man-marked Zsuzsanna Tomori  and with two goals within a minute the hosts made the impossible happen and forced an extra-time.

The first period of the extra time gave great advantage to the Serbian team, as they led by one goal, but Hungary made an impressive 5:1 run in the last five minutes and with this, big celebrations started among the fans and players. Hungary defeated the hosts and won the bronze medal.

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