Interviews after Hungary won the bronse medals

Interviews after Hungary won the bronse medals
Ibolya Szekeres

Photo: Márta Kállai

Krisztina Triscsuk (Hungary), backplayer:

” I am very happy with this victory and medal , today we did an amazing job, every player of the team, I very proud of all of them and our coaching team also. Big thanks for them too. I

I would like also to thanks to our fans and spectators, who were here to support us, they helped a lot.

Big thanks also for the representants of the media, you are doing an amazing job.

This is my happiest day of my handball-career, I am speechless.” (she has tears of joy in her eyes.)

Orsolya Herr, Hungarian goalkeeper:

” Yesterday I was very sad because my dream to play in an ECh final wasn’t come true, but today another dream ha been realised, that of winning a medal.

I am very proud of the girls, we had a lot of mistakes also in this match, those makes me angry of course, but right now only the joy of winning a medal is important”


Piroska Szamoránsky, lineplayer of Hungary:

“We have realised our goal, and at the same time a dream came true: I am playing at the national team from 2006 and this is my first medal ever.

I don’t wish any other Christmas present, I am very satisfied with this one too..”

Photo: Márta Kállai

Karl-Erik Böhn, Hungarian head-coach:

” I would like to say a big thanks to my team, they made a fantastic match, had fought hard and they deserved the medal.

We defeated the host nation in a fantastic atmosphere, they gave us a good fight, we had big respect to them and they made possible to play an exciting match here.

This is the biggest succes of my handball coach career and I am very proud of my team.”


Andrea Lekic, Serbian backplayer:

” I am very sad of course, as all of my team-mates, because we wanted so badly that medal, but we failed today. Hungarian team had cooler heads in the last five minutes, when the result of the match was eventually decided.

On the other hand I am very glad, because our team was nowhere in the last years, and no we are on a fourth place in Europe.

Even we did not win today, I am convinced that our performance will help to the development of the handball as a sport in Serbia.”




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