Montenegro European Champions

Montenegro European Champions

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

13598 spectators was enjoying the two final matches on Sunday in Kombank Arena from Belgrade.

Norway-Montenegro   24-24 (11-12), (28-28), ()


The final was played between Montenegro and Norway, the two teams were also playing the final of the Olympics in London, this summer, won by Norwegians.

Montenegro wanted of course to take revenge because of the lost Olympic gold,  so a really good fight was expected.

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

The fist half has brought a tight game, where tough defenses and good goalkeeper performances was decisive. Ida Alstad, Anja Edin and Heidi Löke was scoring for the Scandinavians, Montenegro was lead once again by outstanding Katarina Bulatovic. Half time: 11-12.

The second half was a very exciting one as well, after 15 minutes the teams had a tie, 19-19.

Ida Alstad was unstoppable from the the backcourt, Milena Knezevic kept Montenegro in the match with her scorings.

Photo: Márta Kállai


In the 47th minute Norway took the lead 20-19, than Anja Edin missed a clear chance., and Knezevic tied at 20-20, from 7 meter penalty.


8 minutes before the end Norway was in lead again, 22-21, but the young Knezevic was once again a very leader of her team, tieing again.

Than the MVP of the tournament was on the court again to give her team the last push they needed, 23-22, but Ana Djokic scored for a new tie, 23-23.

New time out has been called by Thorir Heirgersson, to making new plans for the upcomig two minutes of the final.

Knezevic takes her team to the lead , 23-24, but in the dying second of the match, Ida Alstad scores leading the match to extra time. After 60 minutes result is 24-24.

Extra time, 2×5 miutes:

Katrine Lunde started with a great save this extra-time, but Barjaktarovic got the next shoot also. Marija Jovanovic got the lead fro her team, on the other side Heidi Löke missed her chance, 24-25, Milena Knezevic  is netting again., 24-26, after the first extra half.

Photo: Márta Kállai

The second extra hald was started by Radmila Miljanic’s scoring and Heidi Löke’ answer on that. Bulatovic is running home after scoring in a wrong way, getting a 2 minutes suspension for that, and Alstad reduced the gap, 26-28, than the same restless Ida Alstad has scored, 27-28.

13 seconds before the end of the second extra half, Ida Alstad was netted again,for a tie 28-28.  Dragan Adzic called his time-out, but this was not to help, the teams had to prepare to a next extra time play, the second 2×5 minutes.

Second extra time: 2×5 minutes

After the first five minutes in the second extra period  the result was  30-30  , by scorings from Katarina Bulatovic, Ida Björndalen, Jovanka Radicevic from left(!) wing, and Ida Alstad from penalty.

Second half of the second extra time started wit Camilla Herrem, scoring from wing, and Milena Knezevic equalising again, 31-31.Bulatovic is getting the lead for Montenegro, Andjela Bulatovic was increasing it, 31-33, when one minute to go.

Final result: 31-34.

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