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Søren Jeppesen: France never got it going, Serbia made it, and Norway is now my new favorite team

Søren Jeppesen: France never got it going, Serbia made it, and Norway is now my new favorite team

France never got it going, Serbia made it, and Norway is now my new favorite team

Czech Republik:

They got to the main round with 0 points, and they end the main round with 0 points. But, they’re in no way run over in any matches. They are closer to make some surprises in some of their matches.
In both matches against Norway and France they are close to take the victory, and with a little more experience I’m sure they would’ve had points in those matches.
They’ve gained a lot of experience in this championship and got a piece of my heart with the way they play handball.
I hope and believe that Czech will be one of the teams we see in the World Championship next year.

If anyone told me that France were going to end second to last in this main round before the main round started, I would’ve made a bet with him that he was wrong.
This is a big surprise!
If you take a look at the papers, I will say that France have a even better team than Norway. I do not really understand what’s happened, it seems they’re tired, because there has not been many changes in the squad since the Olympics.
The french team never found the rythm and it seems like coach Krumbholz never reached the players with his intentions.
Maybe the french federation have to find a new coach, but then it should be because Olivier Krumbholz himself don’t want to leac the team anymore.
I don’t believe he will get fired, he is and will be a great man for french and international handball.

Their squad is not wide enough, there are a couple of new players, new coach and that they don’t succeed more during this championship si no surprise for me.
They get 3 points in the main round, and should be happy with that. They play great handball the first period against Norway. Lead by Isabelle Gullden they outplay the norwegian defense several times, but lack of more players at this level does it for Sweden.
But, with the new coach and so many talents that there are in SWeden I expect them to back in the upper level of international handball soon.


The Danish babies team ends right outside the good company that plays about medals, but they were close.
I’m not surprised that they don’t achieve more, and it seems the danish team is satisified with what they achieved in this Euro 2012.
They are close to the medals after they lost to the host nation, Serbia, but then they needed a helping hand from France and themself had to beat Norway.
All over a fight about 5th place in their first championship is approved. And during this championship they’ve played tough and innovative handball. And, last but not least beaten their no 1 enemy – Norway.
I think the danish ladies will be challenger for the gold already in the Euro at their homecourt in 2014, or maybe already in the World Championship next year.

They had great ambitions before this main round at their home court, they wanted to surprise like their mens team did in January.
After the preliminary round, I thought they would be out of the tournament. They had not found their rythm in the preliminary, but it got better and better.
In the matches I’ve seen it seems like the team have no star, but that the team is a star. It seems like the coach gets his honors for this these days. At the same time there are the serbian supporters that act like the 8th player and put pressure on the opponents. That’s why Serbia plays against Montenegro in the semifinal. I hold Serbia as the favorite in this Balcan battle where anything can happen.

I did not have Norway as a favorite to win this championship, and I hoped another nation would take the chance to pull them off the throne. But, Norway is again the favorite to win the title.
They’ve not been stabile as earlier, and their “engine” has had some hick-ups.
In the main round they were not impressive as they use to, but got their points where they needed. The 11 goal victory against France turned the norwegian team to be favorites for the Euro title once again.
Even with the hick-ups Norway got something you never can take awya from them, championship experience.
Their experience from earlier championships will once again give them the trophy of the Euro 2012

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Euro 2012

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