Tord Ellingsen: individually training-plan, diet and recovery

Tord Ellingsen: individually training-plan, diet and recovery

Tord Ellingsen is the physical/fitness trainer of Hungarian national team. He get the job when Karl Erik Böhn became the head-coach of Hungary in august 2011.

The 38 years old fitness trainer works as a teacher in Larvik, at Thor Heyerdahl high-school, and he is a musician as well, playing on drums, having a musical background from more  bands and teaching also music.

Timeoutmagazin has inerviewed him after winning bronse medal with Hungary at ECh in Serbia, two days ago.

Photo: Márta Kállai Hungary has defeated Serbia tonight, here in Belgrade and you have an important role in this succes. As the new physical trainer of the Hungarian handball national team, we’ve heard that you made some major changes regarding more aspects of the preparation. What have you done different at the national team compared to recent years?

Tord Ellingsen: What was totally different from last years is the fact that we trained significantlly less than other times, before a long final tournament Hungarians did. We have considered that almost all of the players had a very exhausting autumn period, when they have played two matches every week, both in Champions League and in the Hungarian League, which is also very balanced, with tough games.

We were aware that players are tired, playing not only the mentioned matches, but training also very hard. So we made some tests: based on lactate and another test, where jumping on a mat, offers a graphical curve on computer, showing the physical condition and the condition of the muscles as well.

Based  on these tests , each player has got an individualised training- plan, which was build up to help the players getting the best possible physical shape when the tournament starts.  You have also a very definite opinion about the importance of diet as well …

Tord Ellingsen: Yes, this was another major change. The players has got very categorical guidelines about the food and drink.

The third important thing was the restitution of the players, after trainings and matches and on the days off too.

We followed a restitution program based on spinning, which was never practiced in Hungary before at the national team. If we practice a thirty minutes  spinning, with quiet intensity it helps the body to recover much better and faster.  How do you see, are the players  satisfied with the new type of training?

Tord Ellingsen:  Yes, I am getting pozitive feed-backs all the time. For exemple Zsuzsanna Tomori, said to me after one of those exhausting matches from the group stage that after doing spinning she was getting much better. Or we had a day off in Szeged under the preparation period, and most of the girls took a spinning-hour, even on their free day, because they are feeling on their own body that it helps.

And we are also practicing to run in a quiet tempo after matches and trainings as a recovery method.

Ideally, this should be followed by clubs also, because the most of the physical preparation is done there, we can make only small adjustments in those relativelly short preparation periods at the national team. In Hungary  the physical trainer as a  profession doesn’t even exist, so you can teach the meaning of your work and the guidelines also…maybe giving advices to Hungarian handball clubs?

Tord Ellingsen:  Yes, it should exist specialits, who are doing only this kind of job, because is  the key of professional sport. Our team of specialists, working with this national team is willing to give advices about these guidelines, but  results must be  achieved  to be listened by others.

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