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Ambros Martín: keep focus, keep working, improve

Ambros Martín: keep focus, keep working, improve

Photo: Márta Kállai

After the match between Győri Audi ETO KC and Larvik HK, won by the Hungarian team 30-24, talked with coach and players.

Ambros Martín, head-coach, Győri Audi ETO KC:

“We had faced a very strong opponent, Larvik has a lot of experienced players, and they don’t care that they have lost against us in the last match. This team is playing very good matches on away court, giving always hundred percent, fighting to the final whistle.

We had no special tactic for this game, only to play our play, what we like best to play and maybe the most important thing was to made my team to forget the fact that we won in Larvik, because this is a new match, that one is only history. But we played today a new game, fighting for every ball and our efforts was paid off, getting the price by victory.


We are in semifinal now, trying to go step by step, preparing the next game. We have to focus, no time to relax, otherwise we could risk to lose all the things what we realised before. We have to continue to work, to climb the hill, I am aware that we can do better and we have more space to improve, not knowing exactly where  our limits are.”

Photo: Tamás Csonka

Eduarda Amorim, Győri Audi ETO KC:

“This match was a very good one from our side and I am really happy and proud for our performance. I think that we was really well prepared against our opponent, even if our defense didn’t worked so efficiently in the beginning of the game.

After we managed to strenghten our defense play, we made a really good match, kept our opponent on a very low number of scorings and we have collected the maximum possible points until now.

Larvik played better than last time, had a much more efficient offensive play, but we could stop them anyway, like in the last match and we took the victory, playing like a team.”


Adrienn Orbán, right winger:

“This match was a very difficult one, we met a very hard opponent here, which was really well prepared against our play, so the game and the result was a close and balanced one, almost during the whole match.

Even if we was in lead with one-two goals, we had to keep the focus all the time, because we could not be sure in victory. That why we pushed on acceleration once again in the last ten minutes, increasing the gap and getting the victory today.

I am also happy beeing able to help my team and that we have qualified to the semifinals on the first place from the group.”

Anita Görbicz, playmaker:

“I am really glad that we got the victory in this really important game, which was a very difficult one. We already have a history with Larvik, we met them in every year in CL, and we have never managed to defeat them twice, this is the first time. Our coach was also a bit worried about the fact, that the team will be more relaxed than necessary after the victory in Larvik, bit this year we are thinking totally different and we can’t let us to have such mental problems.

We managed to defeat them due to our super defense and a precise attack in the last part of the game. We were the better team today and we are looking forward to the next matches.”

Anikó Kovacsics, middle back:

” I am really proud of my team, showing a great performance, focusing on defense and scoring easy goals, making the game to flow and defeating one of our strongest opponents in this year’s CL. I like when my team mates are smiling at the end of the game and we could celebrate with our fans”



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