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Ambros Martín: “This was the victory of the heart”

Ambros Martín: “This was the victory of the heart”

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Katrine Lunde (Győri Audi ETO KC )

” We had a very strong defense, that worked well for longer periods, we managed to stop Bulatovic as well, but we made silly mistakes, missed to many balls in attack, and we run home too slowly, so the opponent could score on fatbreaks easily.

I was not thinking about that it could be possible to miss the qualification, but it was not very comfortable to look up on the result.

We are looking forward of course to know the opponent in the final, but  I don’t really have a favorite. It’s difficult to predict which team  will qualify, so we take that one we get.”



Photo: Márta Kállai

Ambros Martín (Győri Audi ETO KC )

About the match:

I can’t explain what happened in this match, about the beginning or about the end. I feel really sorry for the opponent because they lost today, they didn’t deserve is. It must be really pitty to lose like that.

I believe only in my players and the daily work we did, but after this match I have to begin to believe in something else also.

This was the victory of the heart, every of us could think that we will lose, but our hearts and together with our fans we managed to get in the final.

I was not very satisfied in Romania last weekend, because I knew that this could happen here. The opponent arrived to Veszprém without any pressure, and they made evert good match.

There were two key moments in this game, at the beginning, when they made a very good defense and fast breaks, and this made us very confused, so they could settle their advantage and play calm keeping this.

The other key moment was in the last ten minute of the match, when I told to my team, that the only way to overturn this is defense. And in the last minute with the help of our fans we manged to get to the final.

Thank you everybody who supported us, the fans were brilliant, they were our eighth player today and I really hope that in the next match we won’t suffer like this.

About the final:

I don’t know who will the opponent be or where we are going to play our second match.

But I already told earlier that at this level there are no favorites, there are just teams on similar level and is not enough to play on home court either, as we could see today.”


Photo: Márta Kállai

Heidi Löke (Győri Audi ETO KC )

“It’s always funny to score, but I didn’t really think about that the goal of qualification was my last goal. It was a very difficult match, with a strong opponent and we were led by six goals, then we managed to overturn this result and get the final spot, which I mean is fantastic.

I can’t really remember these ten minutes precisely, I just know that Amros called his timeout, and he told us to make a strong defense and run after that to score.We did what he said, and I am very proud of the team, that we managed this. This match was a good proof for the fact that a match is ot over until the final whistle.

The fans were also fantastic, they helped us under the whole match, but they gave us en extra gear in the last ten minutes, when we needed most.

The other semifinal is an exciting one also, I hope Larvik will qualify to the final.”


Jakob Vestergaard (Oltchim Rm. Valcea)

About the match:

Today we get the victory, but I am not very happy about that, because this was not enough for the final. Congratulation to the host team and to Ambros Martín, they made  a really good game in Bucharest, and they deserve to be in the final.

We made a good game here, but we could not be satisfied with the last five-ten minutes, when we missed a lot and played like we are already in the final. A match and the victory needs many small details to work, this time my team have not had these extra things which was needed for qualifying to the final.

About the final:

I think that the winner of this semifinal is actually the favorite of the final, Győr have to admit that they are the favorites now, but in a final everything can happen, for example one good goalkeeper performance could decide the winner.

About Oltchim’s future:

I don’t really know what the future will bring, it’s too early to talk about that. Everybody has to evaluate the season, we have to see the financials, negociate with the players and so on..”


Photo: Márta Kállai

Oana Manea (Oltchim Rm. Valcea)

” The host team Győr, has qualified to the final, congratulations to them, but I mean that it was our mistake, we made a present here. My team has thought that is already qualified five minutes before the final whistle, and we made mistakes, lost the balls and Győr managed to reduce the gap. I am shocked about the fact that we missed the final, I can’t really explain this situation, I can’t still believe this.

The atmosphere in the hall was incendiary but this did not affect us, personally I like to play under pressure from the stands, it is more motivating for me.”


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