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Ambros Martín: “Nothing is decided yet..”

Ambros Martín: “Nothing is decided yet..”

Photo: Csonka Tamás

Eduarda Amorim (Győr):

” It was a good fight from our side, we made also many mistakes, it wasn’t a beautiful handball game to watch, it was a hard one, like every other final.

We made a good defense and it was different from other years, when we somehow gave up in the middle of the match, but not today.

We showed mental strength when we were under with four goals, but we managed to turn the result, so I am satisfied. Today it will be a short celebration, but we keep working, to prepare for the next match.

Larvik played their game we knew, but their fastbreaks worked very well, they kept running, and they were very effective also in the beginning of the match, we had to wake up also, to be able to enter in the game.

Next week, it will be a more difficult game than this, we have to keep focused, to be more disciplined, we are not allowed to relax.

We will play to win the trophy!”

Adrienne Orbán (Győr):

“I think that we made a good match, we gave them a good fight, but we made many mistakes also, especially in attack, our shoots were sometimes quiet in a hurry. I believe that we can improve in attack, but we coudl be satisfied with the result.

There is one more match to play, so we have to focus there also in sixty minutes.”

DSC_0308Ivett Szepesi (Győr):

“We got this victory, so we are satisfied now, but we made too many mistakes in attack, and in the following week we have to improve our offensive play. The defense was a good one, satisfying, the opponent managed o score only 21.

We will work harder to prepare for the next match, but we don’t need to change our play, just improve it.”

DSC_0242Martín Ambros (Győr):

” There is no secret for this victory, we worked hard and we came here to win, we had no other thoughts or options.

But we have to remember, that today only the first sixty minutes of the final were played, so we have to play one more match.

Today the opponent was in lead after the first half with one goal, and after the break they made a very good start and increased the lead to four. We had to come back, we managed it, but the final is not over, we will have one more game to fight next week. Nothing is decided yet.”

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Champions League

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