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Tervel: ” A good defense is crucial, I expect a difficult match”

Tervel: ” A good defense is crucial, I expect a difficult match”

DSC_0242Győri Audi ETO Kc is preparing for the final of Champion league, against Larvik. The Hungarian team has a three goals advantage after the first leg (21-24).

This season green-whites can count thirteen victories in CL and only one defeat, last one, against Valcea in the semifinal, defeat which meant qualification in the CL-final!

Győr had showed this year a strong, good working defense, which was brought to the team by Spanish coach, Ambros Martín. His theory is that if you have a solid defense than you can win matches with an average attacking performance also.

“It is true that there were often periods in the second half of the final against Larvik, when we were under with four-goal and we managed to make a 6-0 , which is very serious performance. We did the same against Valcea in the dying minutes of the semifinal, but this not has to be a requirement. So far, if we were in trouble, we still managed to improve our defense, but is much better to hold an average level at all time during a match.”- says Gábor Danyi, assistent coach of Győr.

“If we are good in defense, we can’t have such a huge problem- this is Ambros’s philosophy. If the opponent can’t score many goals, it’s much easier to go through difficulties in attack as well. I have worked together with many coaches, but none of them had such a precise plan about how pieces of defense should work.

He represents the Spanish handball, based on lot of foot-work, building strong relationships between players, where everybody has to know what to do or expect in a situation. On training he explains everything by drawing it and showing it in practice. We can’t move on until everything works perfectly.”- said Gábor Danyi about Ambros Martín.



One of the pillars of Győr’s defense is French player, Raphaelle Tervel. She arrived to Győr with the Spanish coach, and she knows very well this kind of defense system. She makes a good couple with Eduarda Amorim, building Győr’s wall together.


Tervel has numerous medals from WCh or she is CWC winner as well. But her dream is to win the CL-trophy. She has already played once in a CL-final, against Larvik HK (2011), then representing Itxako, coached by Ambros Martín.


“I really hope that our three-goals advantage will be enough to get the trophy. Our goal is to increase this lead, not to keep only one goal to the end. We would like to have a bigger difference, to play without stress. This won’t be so simple, since Norwegians showed already their strength. We played a variable game, where Larvik had the lead, then we managed to overturn the situation. It was the key-moment of that game, when we managed to make a comeback and take the lead.”


DSC_0320Raphaelle Tervel was a key factor in the first leg of the final, working hard in defense:


“This is a team sport where both success and defeat is common.In a matches like this the defense become very important, and I have already worked with Ambros Martín earlier, so I know which  my role is  in his team. If we can show the same defense as in the second half of the first leg, then we can reach that huge dream of the club from Győr, and mine as well, to win the CL-trophy.”-says Raphaelle Tervel.


“Tervel is clearly a key player, she knows all about defense, in attack we have players with higher abilities than her, but in defense she is capable of a performance that is unmatched. She is not the kind of player who tackles everyone, but she can anticipate the game that few can do even among men players. “- Gábor Danyi characterized the French player.

Raphaelle Tervel is in negotiations with the club from Győr about an extension of her contract.

source: kisalföld, nso

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