Larvik HK champions in Norway, Larsen and Leganger extended contracts

Larvik HK champions in Norway, Larsen and Leganger extended contracts
Ibolya Szekeres
Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerus

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


In Norway there is a different system to run the Norwegian Championship, called Postenligaen, where are distributed two different type of Champion-titles.


After the regular season there is one team which wins the Championship, than follows the playoffs, when there is distributed another champion titles.


Larvik HK has won both of these titles this year too, as well the Norwegian-Cup title.



On Wednesday, 22/05-2013 the last match of the Norwegian Postenligaen was played, between Byasen Elite and Larvik HK. This was the second match of the final, and there were no hope for Trondheim team, since they lost at a huge score difference the first match.


Result, first match of the  final:

Byasen- Larvik HK 12-34 (7-17)

In this match, Larvik’s goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger got the fewest scoring to her goal in the whole handball career.

Topscorers: Teodora Tomac (Byasen) 4 goals and Kristina Bille (Larvik HK) 6 goals


Result, second match of the final:

Larvik HK-Byasen 34-19 (12-13)

Topscorers: Anja Edin (Larvik HK) 7 goals and June Andenes (Byasen) 5 goals

Best player of the season voted by Larvik-fans has become Thea Mörk.


Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

The match was the last game in the career for two big Norwegian handball-profiles: leftwinger Sara Breistöl (Larvik HK) and goalkeeper Terese Pedersen (Byasen) has already announced their retirement from the handball-court.


Sara Breistöl has played her 395th match for Larvik HK, and she finished with another title. The leftwinger has also won CL-trophy (2010) and CWC-trophy(2005) with Larvik.


At the end of the day was also announced that Tonje Larsen (38) and Cecilie Leganger(38) has extended their contracts with the club for two more seasons.

Tonje Larsen has won her 43th title with Larvik last night, and she has in aggregate 50 titles in her handball career( 1 Olympic gold, 1 WCh-gold, 3 ECh gold).

In the next season Tine Stange will be back after pregnancy,  Kari Mette Jonahsen and Tine Rustad Kristiansen may return as well during the season.

Newcomers are goalkeeper Alma Hasanic and leftwinger Jeanette Kristiansen from Glasseverket Drammen, adn Lise Löke from Storhamar as a lineplayer.

Young lineplayer Mie Sophie Sando has signed an agreement with Danish club Aalborg DH, Pernille Wibe moves to Issy Paris and Olga Medvedeva will also leave the club.

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  1. slagelse

    June 19, 2013 at 15:13

    When Leganger played for FCK she had six goals to her goal against Bayer Leverkusen in april 2009. FCK won 21-9. Leganger left the goal to Christina Pedersen with seven minutes left to play. And when she played for Norway, she has nine goals to her goal against Hypo in 1994. Yes, this game against Byåsen was superb – again! But it`s not the first time she plays like this. Leganger is the best goalkeeper in the world – even today.

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