Nettbus Open: Norway and Sweden take the first victories

Nettbus Open: Norway and Sweden take the first victories

Nettbus Open, Göteborg, Sweden

Friday, 24/05-2013:

Serbia- Norway 24-25 (9-14)

Topscorers: Linn Gossé (Norway) 8 goals and Sladana Pop-Lazic (Serbia) 5 goals

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Björn Kenneth Muggerud


The first half of the match started with Norwegian lead, 0-2, but Serbians fought back and the next quarter become a balanced one, 7-7.

At the middle of this half, Norway changed players and got a better defense and fast counter attacks, Linn Gossé  shone on the left wing, scoring on all of her chances.


Silje Solberg showed a 50% saving performance in the goal, Stine Bredal Oftedal , Veronica Kristiansen and Lise Löke made a good first half as well.


Serbia has played without  Katarina Tomasevic, Andrea Lekic, Kristina Liscevic or Svetlana Ognjenovic, but lineplayer Dragana Cvijic is back on court. Sana Damnjanovic showed a good first half, Dragana Cvijic was also unstoppable on the line. Half time result: 9-14.


Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Björn Kenneth Muggerud

In the second part of the game Norway pushed on acceleration and  took a seven goals lead, 12-19, when Sine Bredal Oftedal, Linn Gossé and Veronica Kristiansen scored more times.


erbia didn’t give up and they managed to reduce the gap, from 15-21 to 18-21, with a good performance from Sladana Pop-Lazic, than to get a draw at 24-24, one minute before the final whistle. But Linn Gossé scored her eighth, and Norway  was back in lead and won the match.

This was the sixth victorious preparation match of Norway this year.

Final result: 24-25.


In the second match of the day, Sweden defeated Iceland after guests was in lead, in the first quarter of the match.

Sweden had to play without an injured Linnea Torstenson, and Randers-players Sabine Jakobsen and Ulrika Agren was not in the squad either.

Iceland missed a lot the two TTH-players, which plays this weekend in the Danish Championship’s final against FCM: Thorey Rosa Steffansdottír and Audur  Jónsdottír, but they had in team ex-Romanian Florentina Stanciu and ex-lithuanian Ramune Pekarskytte.

Result: Sweden-Iceland 30-25 (17-13)

Topscorers: Stella Sigurðardóttir (Iceland) 9 goals, Lise Blhom (Sweden)

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