Nettbus Open: Sweden and Serbia takes victories

Nettbus Open: Sweden and Serbia takes victories
Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Nettbus Open, Göteborg, Liseberghallen

Sunday, 26/05-2013


Serbia- Iceland 22-21 (11-10)

Topscorers: Marina Dimitrovic  (Serbia) 5 goals and Hanna Gudrun Stefansdottir( Iceland), Jona Ragnarsdottir(Iceland) 5 goals each

Sweden-Norway 28-25 (14-13)

Topscorers: Isabelle Gulldén (Sweden) and Ida Björndalen (Norway) 10 goals

Sweden and Norway had played in the “final” of the tournament, a very close and balanced match, where Sweden had a good goalkeeper performance, Cecilie Grubbström showing her qualities. Norway had followed hosts until the last minutes, 24-24,25-25, but Sweden managed to score three in the last two minutes, winning the match, 28-25.

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