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FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria, HCM Baia Mare and WHC Vardar SCBT in CL group stages

FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria, HCM Baia Mare and WHC Vardar SCBT in CL group stages

ehfCLlogoChampions League qualification tournaments are organized this weekend in roder to decide the last participants among the best sixteen teams of Europe.

Last weekend HC Leipzig has qualified from Group 1. of qualifications, against BNTU BelAZ Minsk, Tertnes Bergen and Byasen.

Group 2 is organized in Budapest (Hungary), participants are: FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria, Érd (both from Hungary), LK Zug Handball (Switzerland) and RK Lokomotiva Zagreb (Croatia).

Matches, Saturday:

Érd – LK Zug Handball 34-25 (18-14)

Topscorers: Anna Kovács (Érd) 8 goals and Yael Gwerder (Zug) 5 goals

FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria – RK Lokomotiva Zagreb 26-23 (7-9)

Topscorers: Szandra Zácsik (FTC) 9 goals and Sanja Rajovic (Lokomotiv) 4 goals

Final: FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria- Érd 31-24 (13-16)

Topscorers: Zsuzsanna Tomori (FTC) 7 goals and Kinga Klivinyi-Anna Kovács (Érd) 6 goals each

Bronze match: RK Lokomotiva Zagreb – LK Zug Handbal 35-24 (18-10)

Topscorers: Maja Koznjak (Lokomotiva) 6 goals and Yael Gwerder, Seline Ineichen, Linn Schwander (Zug) 4 goals each

Group 3  is organized at Baia Mare (Romania) with the  following participants: HCM Baia Mare, Viborg HK, Team Tvis Holstebro (both from Denmark), Serkodak Dalfsen (Netherland)

Matches, Saturday:

HCM Baia Mare- Viborg HK 26-25 (11-12)

Topscorers: Elisa Buceschi (HCM Baia Mare) 8 goals and Sanela Damnjanovic (Viborg HK) 8 goals

TTH – Sercodak Dalfsen 38-30 (21-14)

Topscorers: Mette Gravholt (TTH) 8 goals and Yara Maria Nijboer (Serkodak) 6 goals-

Final: HCM Baia Mare – TTH 36-23 (20-10)

Topscorers: Melinda Geiger and Aneta Parvut (HCM Baia Mare) 7-7 goals and Mette Gravholt, Ann Grete Nörgaard, Julie K. Larsen (TTH) 4 goals each

Bronze match: Viborg HK  – Sercodak Dalfsen 33-12 (13-7)

Topscorers: Sanja Damnjanovic (Viborg) 6 goals and Fabienne Logtenberg (Sercodal) 5 goals

Group 4 is organised in Italy with participation of Jomi Salerno (Italy), Rostov Don (Russia), WHC Vardar SCBT (Macedonia) and Fleury Loiret Handball(France).

Matches, Saturday:

Rostov Don- Fleury Loiret Handball 21-26 (11-12)

Topscorers: Beatriz Fernandez Ibanez (Fleury) 8 goals and Oxana Svitanko (Rostov Don) 5 goals

WHC Vardar SCBT – Jomi Salerno  35 -16 (14-4)

Topscorers: Ekaterina Kostiukova (Vardar)  goals and Anna Vinukova (Salerno) 4 goals

Final: WHC Vardar SCBT – Fleury Loiret Handball 25-33 (11-18)


Bronze match: Jomi Salerno –  Rostov Don

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