Champions League

Champions League groups at finish

Champions League groups at finish
Photo: Tamás Csonka

Photo: Tamás Csonka

This weekend takes place the matches from the last round (sixth) on CL group stages.

Some of the teams has already got a Main Round berth last weekend, as FC Midtjylland in group B, Győri Audi ETO KC in group A, Krim Ljubljana and IK Savehof in group C or Larvik HK and Vardar in group D.


This weekend the most important matches are those to decide the winner of group D between Larvik HK and Vardar, Thüringer HC  met Hypo NÖ for a Main Round berth in group A (after Győr finished the group with six victories out of six) and Buducnost Podgorica- FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria, to decide the second team qualified to the MR from group B.



The two teams finished on the first and second  in the groups are qualified to the MR, the third teams of each group will continue in the CWC.

Group A

Győri Audi ETO KC – HCM Baia Mare 28 – 26 (14 – 14)

Topscorers: Katarina Bulatovic (Győr) 7 goals and Melinda Geiger (HCM Baia Mare) 7 goals

Thüringer HC –  Hypo NÖ 34 – 25 (17 – 11)

Topscorers: Kerstin Wohlbold (THC) 8 goals and Alexandra Do Nascimento (Hypo NÖ) 8 goals

Ranking: 1. Győri Audi ETO, 2. Thüringer HC, 3. Hypo NÖ, 4. HCM Baia Mare

Photo: Márta Kállai

Photo: Márta Kállai

Group B

FC Midtjylland – MKS  Selgros Lublin 37 – 26 (20 – 13)

Topscorers: Line Jörgensen (FCM) 9 goals and Malgorzata Majerek (Lublin) 5 goals

Buducnost Podgorica – FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria 29 – 21 (15 – 14)

Topscorers: Milena Knezevic – Camilla Dalby (Buducnost) 6 goals each and Zsuzsanna Tomori( FTC) 6 goals

Ranking: 1. FCM, 2.Buducnost , 3. FTC,  MKS Selgros Lublin


Group C

Krim Ljubljana – HC Leipzig 32 – 20 (15 – 8)

Topscorers: Maja Zrnec (Krim) 7 goals and Karolina Kudlacz (HCL) 7 goals

Metz Handball – IK Savehof 30 – 20 (20 – 10)

Topscorers: Grace Zaadi (Metz )6 goals and Jenny Alm- Hanna Fogelström (IK Savehof) 4-4 goals

Ranking: 1. Krim Ljubljana, 2. IK Savehof,  3. Metz Handball, 4. HCL


Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Group D

Larvik HK – WHC Vardar SCBT 29 – 31 (15 – 15)

Topscorers: Nora Mörk (Larvik HK) 6 goals and Jovanka Radicevic (Vardar) 7 goals

Balonmano Bera Bera – Podravka 28 – 19 (11- 11)

Topscorers: Ziarsolo Areitioaurtena (Bera Bera ) 9 goals and Dina Havic (Podravka) 4 goals

Ranking: 1. Vardar, 2. Larvik HK, 3. Podravka, 4. Bera Bera



The  Main Round groups will be  decided on next Tuesday by draw from EHF. Each group will contain two group winners and two second ranked teams fromthe group stages.

The possible variants are:

First variant:

Group 1: Győr, FCM, Larvik, Savehof

Group 2: Krim, Vardar, Buducnost, Thüringen

Second variant:

Group 1: Győr, Krim, Larvik, Buducnost

Group 2: Vardar, FCM, Savehof, Thüringen

Third variant:

Group 1: Győr,  Vardar, Savehof, Buducnost

Group 2: Krim, FCM, Larvik, Thüringen

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