World Championship 2013 Serbia

Opening match of the WCh: Serbia defeats Japan, Group B

Opening match of the WCh: Serbia defeats Japan, Group B

Nis, Cair Hall


Serbia – Japan 28 – 26 (10 – 13)

Topscorers: Andrea Lekic (Serbia) 6 goals and Fuji Sio (Japan) 7 goals

An opening match of a competition is never easy for none of the teams. Serbia has struggled the whole first half of the match and Japan was in lead all the time, 2-4, 3-8, 7-11, 8-12, 10-13 before pause.

Katarina Tomasevic was the only Serbian player taking seriously this very fast, and technically good prepared Asian team. With help of goalkeeper, Serbia held the result as close as possible.

In the second half we saw a new Serbian team, with a solid defense and a very efficient  lineplayer in Marija Lojpur, scoring 5/5.

Jovana Risovic also had a good performance in the goal, Japan became tired, and Serbia managed o reduce the difference and to take the lead, at 18-17. They kept the lead and increased the gap, defeating Japan by 28-26.

Brazil – Algeria 36 – 20 (21 – 7)

Topscorers: Fernanda Franca Da Silva(Brazil 9 goals) and Nabila Tizi(Algeria) 6 goals

Denmark – China ()

Topscorers:  (Denmark) and (China)


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World Championship 2013 Serbia

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