World Championship 2013 Serbia

Group D,Germany defeats Czech Republic, Romania crushes Australia

Group D,Germany defeats Czech Republic, Romania crushes Australia


SPENS, Novi Sad, group D

Czech Republic –  Germany 32 – 37 (13 – 17)

Topscorers:Iveta Luzumova (CZE) 9 goals and Susan Müller (GER)  11 goals

Czech Republic has extended their squad with a sixteenth player before this match, 34 years old Ptra Vitkova has arrived to Novi Sad to help her team. The lineplayer was injured before the WCh started but now is ready to play.

The match was a close battle in the first half when Czech Republic was an equal opponent for Germans, but when they lost Iveta Luzumova with an injury and Heine Jensen’s team pushed on acceleration with Woltering saving in the goal, Czechian team had no chances.

Germany was superior on every aspects of the game and won by 32 – 37 at the end.

Best player of the match: Susan Müller (Germany)

Heine Jensen (Germany) -head coach

“I am very happy that we managed tp win this match. The Czech team started with putting  a hard pressure on us.

We were prepared  against them, we knew that they lost their first match and they wanted to win today. I am satisfied with the victory, our attack has worked very good.

I am looking forward for the next game, against Romania. It will have major important how our regeneration will be, because we will meet a very strong team, Romania.”

Jan Basny (Czech Republic) -head coach

” It was a difficult  match, the opponent pressured us with their backplayers and our defense has not reached the expected level. We have to improve to have chance tomorrow to win against Tunisia.”

Australia –  Romania 13 –  32(7 – 16)

Topscorers:  Sally Potocki (AUS) 5 goals and Georgiana Ciuciulete (ROM) 7 goals

The Romanian team has announced the nomination of their sixteenth player today before the match, third goalkeeper, Denisa Dedu is now in the team.

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World Championship 2013 Serbia

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