Heine Jensen: ” Develop as a team, improve gradually”

Heine Jensen: ” Develop as a team, improve gradually”


photo: timeoutmag.com

photo: timeoutmag.com

Hejne Jensen, after victory against Romania

About the match

We are very glad to win today against Romania, handball is fun, especially if you manage to win matches.

About the attack and backplayers

Our backplayers are in very good shape, alltogether, and this is the merit of many well prepared people who works at clubs and in generally in German handball. The explanation for a good physical shape is that our players has started to train more and in appropriate way. There is no other way to the world-elite and every of us are aware of that. Of course we have some very skillful players, which has a good technique with the ball, like Nadja Nadgornaja, Laura Steinbach, Susan Müller or Anne Hubbinger, which is also a brilliant lefthanded player and in addition we got Kim Nadzinavicius, a taller playmaker, still very young, only 22 years old. I am looking forward to see her playing in the upcoming matches too.

About the team without Kerstin Wohlbold

Probably as a spectator couldn’t be observed how much we miss Wohlbold’s brilliant playmaking who was such an important player to us, but I can say that we have to work really hard to compensate her absence. I mean that Anna Loerper and Kim Nadzinavicius, the two players having now the playmakres role, substitutes her quite well and I hope that they will continue to do that.

We are all very sorry for Kerstin’s injury, she was really expecting to play at this Wch, having a brilliant season so far in her club, Thüringer, but at the same time we got possibility to try some new constellations, and to give opportunity to payers like Kim Nadzinavicius, a player for the future. And since we are working to reach the Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and the WCh from 2017, which will be organised by Germany we have to capture all the opportunities to build the best team.

About the wings

Our wing players use to be very efficient in almost every match, today we had another play, we have concentrated more in the middle on backcourt, and we were quiet efficient there, so the wings didn’t so much work. But in the match against Czech Republic they scored a lot and in addition, Nathalie Augsburg has a very important role in defense as well and Angie Geschke is a skillfull player on the left wing as well, which can help us a lot.
If we have possibilities we would like of course to be efficient on every position, working hard to reach that.

About upcoming matches against Tunisia and Hungary

Both matches will be very though, we have to prepare very seriously. we are a young team, and these to matches will be important on the way to improve our team-play.

Our target is to defeat Tunisia, and prepare well for every match in this tournament, since the level of opponents will only increase from now, there won’t be more matces against Australia or Dominican Republic, with all my respect for those teams. The real WCh starts from now, needs a lot of hard work, focus and we need to increase our level of play as well- we are looking forward to it.

Photo: Márta Kállai

Photo: Márta Kállai

About Heine Jensen playing against Hungary, again

I have already said that, as long as I am the head coach, so everybody can take it granted that we will play against Hungary. I am looking forward to play against Hungary and to prepare my team against them , but much more I looking for my good friend and colleague, Karl Erik Böhn to return to the handball, to the Hungarian national team and to see him working again!

About the group and the possible opponents in the eighties

It will be surely Hungary, Romania or Germany who will win this group, but I cannot predict at all. We have to win first against Tunisia, so we will se after that, make sure to prepare properly. We are not counting or planning which opponent can we meet in the knock-out phase, we will play against the team which will come, important to us is to develop as a team.

About Germany’s target in the World Championship

Our target is to reach the eight-finals, because last time in Brazil 2011 we couldn’t make it, that’s why are going step by step, now Tunisia is the first priority, and after that Hungary, of course. We are moving forward gradually, that helped us all the time, to focus only on one

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