World Championship 2013 Serbia

Klára Szekeres: “We have to stay focused all the way”

Klára Szekeres: “We have to stay focused all the way”
Photo: Zsolt Lőkös

Photo: Zsolt Lőkös

Anita Bulath (HUN), backplayer

” We were focused to do a good defense today, and I think that we managed this. The only problem was in my opinion, that our attacks was not so focused, we made many mistakes, lost the ball too many times and we were ot dangerous to the goal.

We have to improve our game until tomorrow, to be able to get a better result against Germany.”

Klára Szekeres (HUN), defender

” I am very sorry that we didn’t managed to get the victory today, but I am proud of my team, because in defense we made an extraordinary team – work, every player worked hard, but in the dying minutes of the match, unfortunately we made o many mistakes, lost our focus, especially in the attack, but we also received some goals which could be avoided.

There were two very well prepared teams playing today, and Romania was better at this time.
We have believed that we can win the match if we have a very good defense, but it was missing something to get the two points.

This is a long competition, we lost a match, but we have to look further, always concentrate to the next game and work harder to prepare for that game.
The match tomorrow will have the same athmosphere than today, I am not worried, because we know quiet well this German team, we don’t have much time to prepare against them, but we have to solve the problem of the focusing all the sixty minutes of the match, and we can win that game.”


Photo: Zsolt Lőkös

Photo: Zsolt Lőkös

János Hajdu (ROM), head-coach:

” We made a good defensive work today, but our offensive activity was not satisfying at all, we played without pace and dynamic, against a quiet good Romanian defense.

We lost the battle, we we still can win the war, we just have to improve our attack against Germany tomorrow, and the most important thing to win the eight-finals, which is a direct knock-out match already.

I believe that we will be able to adjust our attack until tomorrow, my team is capable of that.”


Gheorghe Tadici (ROM), head-coach:

“I am very happy for getting the two points here and I have to congratulate to my team for doing an extraordinary hard work in defense and to respect the tactical instructions regarding such important players as Görbicz and Tomori, who always created us many problems in earlier matches.

I remember the match between these two teams from last year, played in the same hall, when Éva Kiss saved more balls then today, but today my players were like real  fighters and they believed in victory all the match.

Congratulations to the Hungarian team as well, to participating in this spectacle of handball, with such a great audience, so many thousands of fans. it was a great experience, and I wish that every match here at the WCh to be like this.

We will continue to work, and I hope that together we can get higher.”

Oana Manea (ROM), lineplayer

” I am very happy to win this game, matches against Hungary are always very important to us.

We are always fighting and sharing the victories, but today we were the better team.

My team managed to improve our attack compared to the match against Germany, when we missed a lot of shoots in attack. We had many mistakes today also, but we focused more and during the whole match.”

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World Championship 2013 Serbia

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