World Championship 2013 Serbia

Our predections for the quarterfinals

Our predections for the quarterfinals

Eight teams, four quarterfinals – and a chance to win a medal. Today is the the day the teams must put their maybe largest effort into their match.

We’ve taken a look at the four matches that’s being played today, and give you our thoughts here.

Brasil vs Hungary – 17.30 Belgrade

Brasil, led by the danish coach Morten Soubak, has done magnificent so far. Won all of their matches, and we don’t think they will lose today either.
Hungary ended as number three in their group with two losses, won the eight final vs Spain.
Met Spain on a bad day and we think they were a little lucky to go to the quarter final. Think this championshipp will end today.

Poland vs France – 17.30 Novi Sad
Poland come as a surprise to this championship with hard defense and players that really want something. Has the largest victory in the championship vs Paraguay with 40-6, but today it will again be a tough match for the polish team.
France are an experienced team that been in several play-offs in championships and done it well during this championship. Won their group with no losses and won quite comfortable 27-19 vs Japan in the eight final.
We think France will again be in one of the two semifinals after todays match against Poland.

Denmark vs Germany – 20.15 Novi Sad

A clash between the to danish coaches Jan Pytlick and Heine Jensen. If we would put our money in one of the two it would be a more experienced Jan Pytlick. But, Heine Jensen got a squad that did well so far. Another team with no losses.
Denmark on the other hand have had a tought way to the quarter final, especially the close match against the european champions Montenegro where Denmark finally won 22-21.
This is an open match, but we think Denmark will take the best decisions and go to the semifinals.

Serbia vs Norway – 20.15 Belgrade
The host Serbia will meet the reigning world champions Norway. There are expected 13.000-15.000 spectators in Kombank Arena in Belgrade Wednesday evening to support their team.
The Norwegian team will probably not be affected so much of this as other teams. Several of the Norwegians players are experienced players used to play under these circumstances in both championships, Champions League and other european leagues.
But, we’ve seen how the serbian team get lifted thru matches by the support of their fans and it will certainly be a match to remember.
In the end we think Norway will take the victory and seal the deal and go to semifinal.

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World Championship 2013 Serbia

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