World Championship 2013 Serbia

Boskovic: Good evening Serbia, you just won a medal!

Boskovic: Good evening Serbia, you just won a medal!

Kinga Byzdra (POL), playmaker:

serbia_cheeringAbout the match

“This is handball, every team can win and can loose, but today Serbia was better than us, we really fought but unfortunatelly was not enough. Anyway we are really proud, because this is the first time in histoy that Poland qualifies to a WCh-semifinal, and we have to gain experience. Maybe the pressure was also big, but I dont want to complain. We did our best, but we were defeated by a better team.

We failed a lot in our attack, this was the biggest problem today, the main reason, why we have not won this game. We had a lot of situations, but the Serbian goalkeeper was simply fenomenal today.

About the bronzmach and the opponent

“We have to stand up and to fight for the bronze medal, so we are not thinking which team will be the oppoenent, we just want that medal

Kim Rasmussen (POL), head-coach

” We had huge problems scoring goals, and we gave the Serbian team a huge advantage, and the crowd was also fantastic in supporting their team.

I am proud of my team, because we didi not give up, and managed to come back in the second half, winning that by 12 – 10, maybe with some luck we could loose at 3-4 goals, but doesnt matter, we have to focus now for the next game.

On Sunday we will fight but we wont be disappointed if we will finish at the fourth place, because is anyway huge for us to be here. We are here to learn and gain experience, but of course we want that medal.””

Sasha Boskovic (SRB), head-coach-press-conference statement

” Good evening Serbia, you just won a medal at the WCh.  Congratulate for the Polish team, I feel with them, I know how it feels to loose a semifinal, because that happend to my team last year at ECh. We want to win the gold medal and I hope that the arena will be outsold for that game, we ned that.”

Sanja Damnajonovic (SRB), backplayer:

” I am still processing everzthing that happened here, I am still shocked, and I am very proud to be part of this team and of everything we did so far.

The Polish team had no solutions, we made a very good game an we were better in every details of the game. We managed to do everything we planned, in the half time we had a little chat with the team, and we agreed that we will play like we starts from zero-zero.

We stil dont know which team we will play against in the final, but Brazil or Denmark, we will give everything, I am sure that we will not stop or give up, and hope that the crowd also will continue to help us.”

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World Championship 2013 Serbia

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